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Best Guide to Thailand Travel Insurance and Repatriation to the US



Taking out Thailand travel insurance is surely the last thing on many people’s minds when they plan to travel to the sumptuous landscapes of the former Kingdom of Siam.

However, this step should not be neglected. Like any stay abroad, a trip to or moving to Thailand is not without risks.

Discover all you need to know about travel insurance for Thailand before traveling!

Why Take Out Thailand Travel Insurance?

Traveling to the Other Side of the World Involves Many Risks

Thailand is not especially known for its danger. However, the risks of accidents or diseases exist like in any other country.

Local specificities can lead foreigners to more frequent stays in hospitals. Indeed, the Thai climate and diet are not suitable for everyone.

In addition, road accidents are particularly recurrent in Thailand and do not spare tourists who like to travel the country’s roads on scooters or motorcycles.

It is thus essential to have good travel insurance for Thailand to ship in all serenity, with repatriation assistance.

Evacuation and Repatriation: Does Not Happen Only to Others

Since the sanitary crisis linked to Covid-19, Thailand travel insurance and repatriation insurance are compulsory to travel to the country. These must meet the following criteria:

  • Coverage of medical expenses for a minimum amount of 100,000 US dollars.
  • Coverage of COVID-19 treatment.
  • The insurance must be valid for at least three months from your arrival in Thailand.

Although the Thai healthcare system has a good reputation, there is an imbalance between the infrastructure of the major cities and the more isolated areas. The overcrowding of the public system very often requires that a patient be treated in a facility far from their location.

Repatriation insurance is used to cover the cost of such an evacuation. In the event of a severe accident or illness requiring long-term care, repatriation may be decided.

The patient is then returned to their home country for treatment. Repatriation insurance also allows the insured to be repatriated to their country of origin in the event of death.

Repatriation With or Without Insurance: What It Changes

The Cost of a Repatriation

The first difference between repatriation with or without insurance is its cost.

The cost of medical repatriation by plane costs, on average, $40,000 without insurance.

Apart from the cost of transporting the patient, the price includes many additional costs: hospitalization, medical personnel and equipment, sending of medication, repatriation of the patient’s family, etc.

Without Thailand travel insurance during a trip, all of these expenses are to be paid by the repatriated person, and you cannot count on Health Insurance.

How Does Repatriation Work?

The insurer takes charge of the repatriation, and this, entirely. This includes:

  • The transfer to the airport
  • The eventual chartering of a medical plane accompanied by a doctor (or any other means)
  • Reception in the US
  • Transportation to the American medical facility.

The cost of repatriation insurance for one person is, on average, between $5 and $100. Family repatriation insurance costs, on average, between $15 and $200.

Administrative Procedures

Thailand travel insurance is not only financial assistance. It is also logistical and human support at a delicate time.

The insurer is the first person to contact in the event of a problem, and it is the insurer who mobilizes the necessary logistics in conjunction with the local medical repatriation teams.

Without travel insurance in Thailand, the repatriated person and their family take care of all the procedures, often in an emergency. Their knowledge of the Thai language and healthcare system is generally very limited, which makes the process more complex.

COVID-19: What Does Thailand Travel Insurance Cover?

Travel insurance for Thailand allows you to return to your country of residence in the event that you are in a situation of high vulnerability to the coronavirus, given your medical history.

If the American authorities encourage you to return to the US because of COVID-19 and your flight is canceled or if you encounter difficulties in booking your return ticket:

  • Contact your airline or travel agency.
  • Then contact the Embassy or Consulate of your country of residence to find out about any repatriation arrangements organized by the American government.
  • Your insurance’s partner assistants will then help you with the procedures according to the flight capacities maintained by the airlines.

Note that if you wish to return to the US for fear of contracting the coronavirus or on the recommendation of the American authorities, your insurance cannot intervene to take care of your return.

Check the Guarantees of Your Travel Insurance for Thailand

Beware of the Exclusions of Guarantees

When choosing your travel insurance for Thailand, it is essential to check the extent of the proposed coverage.

All family members must be covered, and the contract must run for the whole duration of the stay in Thailand.

Do not hesitate to subscribe to insurance exceeding the total duration of your trip by a few months in order to be protected in the event that an illness or an accident would lead you to prolong your stay.

It is also important to verify that the proposed guarantees cover the maximum expenses related to repatriation.

It is essential to ensure that any exclusions, such as driving a vehicle or practicing certain sports considered risky, do not prevent the repatriation from being covered.

Resident or Credit Card Insurance: Not Always Effective

In the case of insurance taken out with a bank card, home insurance, or the purchase of a trip, the clauses must be carefully studied. The insurance of a bank card, for example, will only work if the card was used to purchase the trip, which gives rise to repatriation.

It is also necessary to pay attention to the possible ceilings and deductibles applied, which can make the insurance less attractive.

International Insurance Companies: The Right Choice of Travel Insurance for Thailand

Avoir une assurance rapatriement pour la Thaïlande permet de profiter sereinement de son voyage !

Advantages of International Insurance Companies

To subscribe travel insurance for Thailand with a company specialized in international insurance has the main advantage of the expertise of these insurers in repatriation.

These companies know Thailand well and generally have all the competencies to set up the logistics necessary for repatriation, and this is under the best conditions.

Advisors are easily reachable at any time and everywhere in the world in order to manage the situation in an emergency.

Moreover, the guarantees offered by international insurance are complete: repatriation, coverage of medical expenses, coverage of search and rescue expenses, medical assistance available anywhere in the world, etc.

Generally speaking, subscribing to travel insurance with an international insurance company allows you and your family to spend a more serene vacation in Thailand.

Repatriation in Thailand and International Insurance at the 1st Dollar

A great alternative is to subscribe a Thailand travel insurance as a full contract or as an option to comprehensive travel insurance called “1st dollar”.

With this type of insurance, the company intervenes from the 1st Dollar spent by the insured for the main medical expenses (current care, dental and optical expenses, and hospitalization expenses).

This insurance also offers additional guarantees, including repatriation assistance.

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