Who are we ?

For 14 years, we have been committed to the service of people living abroad in order to respond to their concerns in terms of health insurances. Like you, every employee lives outside of his country of origin or had lived abroad. We understand what living abroad implies because we live it: it is part of our DNA. We offer you the opportunity to live this unique experience in complete safety.

Our Team

Benoit Larrouquis

General Manager

Bertrand De Maud’Huy

Senior Consultant Individual Solutions

Aude Giroud

Senior Consultant Individual and Group Solutions

Coumbara Ba

Customer relations and satisfaction Manager

Anne-Lise Pierre

Customer relations Executive

Melissa Martínez

Customer relations Executive

Yvan Simatos

Individual Insurance Consultant

Flavie Canino

Individual Insurance Consultant

Pauline Foray

Online sales Manager

Inès Delfaud

Communication and marketing Manager

Vincent Moreau

Head of digital development

Licensed Insurance Broker :

Our figures

Creation of Expat Assurance in 2005 in Mexico City.
Clients in the United States, Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Switzerland, Germany, Portugal, United Kingdom, Singapore, Thailand, China, and Hong Kong.
French expatriates trust us.

3500 families trust Expat Assurance

Customer Satisfaction
Expat Assurance customer satisfaction survey – July 2020

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