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Moving to another country? Discover all the advantages!



Why moving to another country? Moving abroad is a phenomenon that is growing more and moreover the past few years: there are many good reasons to live, alone or with your family, this exciting and enriching experience!

Why moving abroad?

Even if moving to another country for a few months or several years has not for a long time been as deeply rooted in many countries, it is a phenomenon that is growing more and more.

And this is totally understandable: there are plenty of good reasons to live, alone or with your family, this striking and enriching experience.

Moving abroad, a real asset for a professional career

A way to expand your CV

For a young graduate who wonders pros and cons of moving to another country, the answer could be immediate: to improve his or her CV and gain experience that goes off the beaten track.

Professional career is indeed one of the main motivations for moving to another country at the moment, and a period of work in a foreign country, especially at the beginning of one’s career, is a true proof of mobility and curiosity, qualities that recruiters appreciate and that allow them to stand out among other candidates.

Moving to another country offers new professional opportunities

In addition to enriching one’s professional life, the choice of expatriation also opens the door to more opportunities, even though the job market in your country of origin is not always very welcoming.

And if we still need to explain why moving is a real advantage in one’s career, we can add that it is an opportunity to expand one’s professional network internationally, and therefore create even more opportunities for the future.

Expatriation to find higher salaries

Among the other reasons to move abroad to work is a great idea is, of course, the salary. Because often, going to work abroad is an opportunity to find a higher position or one with more responsibilities, and therefore to benefit from a better remuneration, whether you find your own position or one offered by your employer.

Why move abroad if not to change your life?

To improve one’s living environment

Obviously, among the most frequently cited reasons for expatriation, the desire for change and improvement of the living environment come in good position.

Who doesn’t dream of settling in an idyllic environment, in the sun or in a dynamic, cutting-edge city? To expatriate, depending on your destination, is to create this opportunity, but also to be open to a change of scenery when settling in a country very different from your country of origin.

It is also a chance to travel even more: expatriates have the opportunity to visit their host country, but also neighboring countries during their vacations.

Tax advantages and lower cost of living

Another advantage that explains why moving abroad is a good idea: the cost of living and tax advantages in some countries make it possible to enjoy more comfortable living conditions than in your country of origin.

Some destinations offer a pleasant life thanks to lower real estate or food prices than those known in your county of origin, others offer tax exemptions that make it possible to keep more of one’s income, to undertake business or to invest more easily.

Obviously, these criteria do not apply to all countries, and the two arguments do not necessarily coincide. At the end, one must choose according to one’s priority interest when moving abroad to work.

Moving abroad to enrich oneself culturally

Learning a foreign language, an obvious benefit of expatriation

Moving to a new country is always a great opportunity to deepen your command of a foreign language.

An expatriate, even when living in an international environment where English dominates, or within his own community, is constantly confronted with the language of his host country.

The progression is therefore obvious, rapid, and natural. This is not only an advantage for the CV but also a personally enriching learning experience.

Broaden your social network

Moving to a new country is also an opportunity to meet new people. With other expatriates from your community, of course, but it would be a shame to limit ourselves to that.

Colleagues, shopkeepers and neighbours from other countries or citizens of the host country are all opportunities to make new friends and maintain enriching exchanges.

Opening up to new cultures and getting to know a country

Finally, moving abroad to work is an opportunity to discover a new country and its culture, to broaden not only one’s knowledge, but one’s view of the world in general. The gastronomy, traditions, music and cinema are all facets of a country that you will discover no better than by living there.

An expatriate is often, as a result, led to question some of his certainties and to adopt a new outlook on life. It is also a very enriching experience for children who will be in contact with another culture through play and social interaction.

With all these good reasons to move abroad, the real question is not why move away, but rather how to go about it. There are many steps to take, such as obtaining a work permit or taking out international insurance, but it’s an adventure that can’t be improvised. A successful expatriation is never forgotten.

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What countries should I move to? The best countries to move to are not the same for everyone! Finding the ideal destination depends first of all on what is expected on a personal level.


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