April International

  • April Group (2016 turnover: € 861 million)
  • Reinsurers:  Axeria and Le Gan

  • 40 years of experience in international attention.

  • Offices in Mexico City and Miami.

Strong points

  • High flexibility: possibility to switch from one option to another at any time without re-contracting (health profile required if warranty increases). Guarantees may differ within the same family.
  • No ceiling on expenses for routine care: drugs, tests, x-rays, physiotherapy, etc.

  • One of the best maternity covers on the market: from 3,500 to 8,000 euros for normal delivery, x2 in case of cesarean. Complications in childbirth covered 100% outside of maternity ceiling.

  • Individual room, without price limit, under Medium and Extensive solutions

  • Ability to reduce premiums by reducing the percentage of routine care reimbursements from 100% to 80-90%.

  • Minimum coverage available: hospitalization of under 24 hours (excluding routine care).

  • Proximity: the Mexico City office intervenes in case of hospitalization across the Americas and also manages reimbursements.

  • Technology: App can be used for claims of less than 500 euros

Good to know

  • Premiums higher than the other two competitors we represent, but the guarantees are superior.

Long-term solutions:> 1 year

Annual ceiling: from € 750,000 to € 2,000,000

Age limit for subscription: 70 years

Life Solutions

3 offers:

  • Essential: a security option

  • Medium: a comfortable option

  • Extensive: a high-end offer

3 levels of coverage:

  • Hospitalization
  • Hospitalization + routine care (including maternity)

  • Hospitalization + routine care + optics / dental

April Insurance Options

  • Repatriation assistance

  • Civil liability and legal assistance

  • Loss of capital and loss of autonomy

  • Work stoppage compensation

3 options for refund

100%, 90% or 80% of current and optic / dental care.


Custom Solutions

Temporary solutions: less than 12 months

Annual expenditure ceiling: €200 000

Ceiling for single room: €100

2 formulas available:

  • A smaller formula to cover major events (hospitalization and basic repatriation assistance)

  • A complete formula to cover all the delicate situations (medical expenses from first euro, in addition to social security, repatriation assistance, legal assistance, psychological support, civil liability, accidental death and disability insurance, luggage)


  • Contract to facilitate obtaining visas for Work Holiday programs
  • Monthly payments possible


  • Dermatological treatments

  • Vaccines

Would you like to choose the under 12 months option?

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