Msh International

  • Groupe Siaci Saint Honore (turnover: € 164 million)
  • Reinsurers: Gan, Axa, AGF

  • 20 years experience in international attention

  • Headquarters for the Americas in Calgary.

Strong points

  • A fairly broad offering with a proposal for low cost (Quartz) and VIP (Diamond).

  • Possibility of applying a deductible to reduce premiums.

  • Interesting coverage / price ratio.

  • Effective hospital management.

  • Technology: App can be used for claims of less than 500 euros

Good to know

  • Ceilings limit expenditures for routine care (except for Diamond).

  • Ceiling on newborn care, in case of complication during the delivery.

Long-term solutions:> 1 year

Annual ceiling: from € 400,000 to € 2,400,000

Age limit for subscription: 70 years.

Lifetime solutions.

4 Offers:

  • Quartz: a security option

  • Pearl: a comfortable option

  • Sapphire: a high-end option

  • Diamond: a VIP option

3 levels of coverage:

  • Hospitalization

  • Hospitalization + routine care + vision / dental

  • Hospitalization + routine care + Maternity + vision / dental

MSH Insurance Options

  • Repatriation assistance

  • Civil liability and legal assistance (included)

  • Loss of capital and loss of autonomy

  • Work stoppage compensation

8 annual franchise choices

From € 250 to € 5000 depending on the country.


Custom Solutions

Temporary solutions: less than 12 months

Annual expenditure ceiling: € 250 000

Ceiling of the single room: € 200

1 formula only but 2 tariff zones:

  • Classic solution: not including USA

  • Complete solution: including USA

The solution includes all options:

  • Repatriation, legal, luggage, civil liability, death benefit.

Guarantees are slightly higher, except for the comparison of tariffs. Hospital management can be an important parameter as, in general, clients are often young with little capital to provide upfront for hospital care.

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