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When it comes to insurance for expatriates, it is not easy to make a choice. We will help you to better understand the market by presenting the advantages and disadvantages of the main insurance solutions for people living abroad.
Choosing health insurance for the United States is not easy. Especially when you are an expatriate coming from a foreign country. On the one hand, the stakes are high because healthcare is very expensive in the USA. On the other hand, the American medical system is very different from other places. Here, you can find some useful information that will help you make the right choice!
In a country where healthcare is the most expensive in the world, getting insurance is an absolute necessity. But making a choice can seem difficult. In the United States, an expatriate can purchase Obamacare health insurance plans for their medical coverage. And also, since 2019, it is possible to freely choose policies outside of this system. In this article, you will learn what is Obamacare insurance. And if it is a good option for expats or if it's better to get a policy with another private insurer.

Expat Insurance

Expatriate insurance does not work the same way as a health policy for people living in their countries.

Indeed, there is no compulsory health insurance scheme in many countries. So, expatriates have the choice between a private organization under the supervision of the State, Social Security, and private insurance companies.

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Expat Insurance

Getting the best private medical insurance plans will make your life easier. Especially if you are traveling or going as an expat to countries that lack a proper public health system. In these territories having to pay for assistance in private facilities can be very expensive. Even if there is an efficient public system, if you buy private medical insurance, you can get better reimbursements. And benefit from services not covered by the public health system. In this article, you can get some tips to find your way around this complex topic.
Anybody that goes to study abroad should choose international student medical insurance carefully. Health care can be very expensive in many countries. And having to pay a hospital bill out of the pocket can be a traumatic experience. So, it's almost mandatory to start thinking about your medical coverage well before leaving. In this article, you will find some tips for choosing the best health insurance for students studying abroad. And some information about the different options available.
When we talk about health insurance while living abroad, we often think of accidents and serious illnesses. The kind of situations that may require hospitalization or even emergency repatriation to your country. However, the needs to be covered are broader and not all of them are emergency needs. Especially in the case of expatriation

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Expat Insurance

Social Security: Public Expatriate Medical Insurance

In some countries, when workers go abroad as expats, they can keep affiliated to their national Social Security system. It offers them the same coverage as if they were at home, under the same conditions and prices.

Expatriate Insurance Open to All Citizens

All people have the right to affiliate with Social Security and get medical coverage if it’s available in their country. There is no medical questionnaire required at the time of enrollment. Which is interesting for people suffering from chronic diseases, for example.

Fees According to Age and Family Situation

Most of the time, the fee to be paid for getting Social Security health insurance is calculated depending on the age of the insured and their family situation.

It can be an affordable expatriate medical insurance if you are young and single. But the price can increase a lot if you have a family.

Reimbursements According to Your Country’s Rates

Social Security insurance calculates the reimbursements for any assistance following your country’s costs. So, you will only get refunded up to that amount. Even if the prices are much higher in the country where you are expatriated.

The Need of Taking Complimentary Insurance

This type of policy will complete the reimbursements given by Social Security. This way, you will get full coverage of all your medical costs.

This expatriate insurance is more necessary in countries where medical services are more expensive. Especially if you need to go to private facilities.

Expatriate Insurance From the 1st Dollar/Euro

Another option available to people living is to take out a “first dollar/euro” insurance policy.

A Single Insurance for All Health Expenses

Unlike supplementary insurance, the “first dollar/euro” insurance covers all health expenses from the first dollar paid. And the insured does not need to be affiliated with Social Security.

This represents a definite advantage in terms of administrative procedures. The insured only has to contact one entity instead of two.

The Freedom to Choose

A large number of insurance companies offer this type of expat medical insurance. This allows you to compare insurers and choose the one you like the most.

In addition, it is generally possible to choose the services you want in your insurance, depending on your situation, needs, and budget. On the other hand, Social Security does not allow any flexibility.

You Can Benefit From International Expertise

The “first dollar/euro” insurance policies are offered by companies with international expertise. They generally have a very good knowledge of the countries they cover.

In addition, they have set up partnerships with networks of practitioners and local establishments. This allows the insured to benefit from preferential rates, and advice to choose the best health professionals on-site.

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