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How to Work as an Expat?



Getting a job abroad can be a very rewarding experience. But it can also be a bit daunting and confusing.

In this article, you will find the answer to some common questions that might arise in the process.

Get yourself comfortable and read here how to work as an expat.

What Are the Best Places to Work for Expats?

One does not always choose the country where he/she will work as an expatriate. Especially in the cases of relocated workers. But if you can choose, you should ask yourself the right questions beforehand.

If selecting a holiday destination is mainly based on personal affinities, combining work and living abroad is based on more rigorous selection criteria.

A Dynamic Job Market

A country with a high unemployment rate or few job offers will rarely allow an expatriate to find a job.

The best places to work for expats should have a job market full of opportunities.

Good Opportunities to Work as an Expatriate

It is often necessary to make a choice or to find a compromise. Because paradise destinations are generally only suited to:

  • Independent workers
  • Tourism specialists
  • Retirees.

On the other hand, they are less suitable for expatriates looking for a job in the financial or high-tech sectors.

Language Requirements

Not everyone can speak Japanese, Arabic, or Hungarian. And in any case, English is an almost mandatory prerequisite to finding a job being an expatriate.

It is important to take into account one’s skills and learning abilities when making a choice.

Work Market Open to Foreigners

Before trying to find out how to work as an expat in a certain country, you should check if foreigners can work there.

Some places have certain restrictions or even prohibit them to work there, with only a few exceptions.

On the other hand, some destinations are in high demand. Especially when certain sectors suffer from a shortage of labor, and this can facilitate the installation process. It is best to get the right information.

Easiness for Doing Business

If you are an entrepreneur or want to become one, you should check the local regulations in this matter. They can be a big hindrance or a gas pedal of success.

How to Work as an Expat: Some Rules

Before embarking on a trip, it is necessary to be well informed about the rules of the country regarding the employment of foreigners.

Preparing well for your expatriation also means avoiding the impossibility of working once you are there.

Be in Compliance With Immigration Regulations

Each country has its legislation and it is crucial to comply with it when you wish to work there.

Residence permits and work permits are often separate, and illegal work is highly regulated in most countries.

Have an Expat Employment Contract and Pay Taxes

To work abroad, you will need to sign an expat employment contract. Otherwise, you would be working illegally.

Also, you should consult with an accountant, to make sure you comply with the local tax rules in terms of individual and corporate taxation.

Also, it’s important to be careful and take all the necessary steps both in your home country and in your new residence to avoid double taxation or penalties.

Having Valid Professional Certifications

To get a job in another country, it is sometimes necessary to have one’s experience and qualifications recognized.

This can be done through a professional exam or by the certification of your credentials.

In any case, having your diplomas translated or certified before leaving is an excellent initiative.

What Social Security Coverage Do I Have When I Work as an Expatriate?

Before leaving, think about your Social Security coverage and take care of the administrative procedures in your home country.

Retirement Contributions

With some exceptions, expatriates who work abroad will contribute to the pension system of their host country.

Numerous conventions and bilateral agreements exist between countries that allow you to benefit from the periods you worked abroad.

Health Insurance

Here again, the expatriate will be affiliated to the local system and not to his/her country’s Social Security most of the time. Depending on the country, these systems are more or less protective.

They rarely cover all health expenses and never cover care received during stays abroad. And repatriation is not included.

This is why it is advisable to take out a “1st euro/dollar” insurance policy. Either as a complement or as your main insurance. Online comparators make it easy to find the coverage that best suits your needs.

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