Finding the right long stay travel insurance for working abroad



Is it really necessary to take out a long stay travel insurance for working abroad?

No one is safe from an unforeseen event that can quickly turn a school trip, moving abroad to work or a long stay trip into a very bad experience.

Let’s look at the solutions to avoid taking risks and leave with peace of mind!

Why take out long term health insurance abroad?

After three months abroad, citizens generally lose their Social Security rights, and the guarantees of most credit cards no longer apply.

The local health insurance plans that sometimes are possible to subscribe to and that require a good knowledge of the language and the health system of the host country do not cover the insurance needs specific to long stays abroad, such as repatriation, loss of luggage or identity papers, or legal assistance.

Any incident or health problem abroad can lead to complex procedures and significant expenses, and it is not advisable to consider dealing with them without adequate assistance.

You should therefore turn to the private sector offers in order to purchase a long term health insurance abroad.

Private insurance: a flexible solution among long stay travel insurance working abroad 

Numerous benefits and simplified management

For optimal coverage during your time living and working abroad, private companies offer a variety of offers including long-stay travel insurance.

Some of the advantages of these offers are their flexibility and simplicity: there are numerous turnkey packages on the market, adapted to the needs and budget of each person.

In addition to health expenses, they generally cover repatriation and baggage insurance in the same contract.

As mentioned above, this type of long stay travel insurance for working abroad stands out for its simplicity: it is usually very easy to subscribe and manage your online contract through an interface or mobile application, and it is possible to conveniently contact English-speaking support services from anywhere in the world.

Coverage based on actual costs

Private health insurance plans are managed by companies with extensive knowledge of foreign countries.

They normally have partnerships with local healthcare or assistance networks, which allow clients to be accommodated in suitable healthcare centers with efficient care, often with negotiated rates or payment facilities, or even payment to third parties, which is important in case of hospitalization.

The main advantage of these insurance offers is that they reimburse you for healthcare expenses from the first euro/dollar spent and, above all, they guarantee reimbursements based on the real cost of care assistance.

This flexibility and the good value for money make these plans a really good solution when purchasing long stay travel insurance for working abroad.

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