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The Ultimate Guide for the Professional Expatriate



Spending some time as a professional expatriate can be an enriching experience, both on a personal and career level. However, for it to go smoothly, you must be well prepared.

Good Reasons to Consider Becoming an Expat Worker

An Enriching Personal Experience

Going to work abroad is a personal adventure for expat professionals.

Regardless of the working conditions and the destination, it is an opportunity to open up to a new culture.

It gives you the chance of improving your language skills, and to evolve in an international environment daily. Even outside of working hours.

For many expatriates, this period allows them to expand their network. They build relationships with locals and expatriates from all over the world, whether they are:

  • Colleagues
  • Co-workers
  • Neighbors
  • New friends
  • Parents of students.

Being a Professional Expatriate Can Enhance your Resume

Of course, expat work is also very beneficial for your career.

In general, it allows you to occupy a higher position in the hierarchy. The payment is better, with some expatriation benefits.

A professional expatriation also allows you to develop new talents. They will enhance your resume and open new doors, such as:

  • Acquire new skills
  • Learn new work methods
  • Develop your ability to adapt and integrate.

For young graduates, professional expatriation is also a precious opportunity. Having held a position abroad during the first years of one’s working life is attractive to recruiters.

And it also opens up the international job market.

Recruitment and Expat Work in Practice

Recruiting for an Expatriation: an Ideal Situation

Often, the professional expatriate gets this chance from his/her company. An employee may be sent on assignment to a subsidiary or a foreign partner as an expat worker.

A foreign company can also directly organize recruitment and expatriation. Even if this may restrict the choice of destination, this solution is the most advantageous, because:

  • The company generally organizes and manages the expatriation
  • The steps are simplified
  • Remuneration and bonuses are provided upon arrival.

Self-Employed Expat Professionals: Creating or Managing your Business Abroad

It is also possible to create or manage your own business in another country.

This requires a well-constructed project beforehand. But it gives you more freedom to choose your future destination.

Before embarking on an expatriation, it is important to be well informed about the target market and the legal obligations.

When it comes to work and taxation, some countries are more welcoming than others for foreign entrepreneurs.

Going on a Professional Expatriation Without a Job Offer

Trying to be an expat worker without a guaranteed job upon arrival is the riskiest option.

But it is common, especially among young people and those who can get a Working Holiday Permit.

Even if it offers a great deal of freedom, it requires some preparation. Leaving to become a professional expatriate is not like going on vacation.

There are few countries where it is possible to find a job without qualifications as soon as one gets off the plane.

You must be sure that:

  • Foreigners have access to work in the country
  • There is a sufficient number of job offers
  • The jobs available correspond to your profile.

Administrative Procedures the Professional Expatriate Should Follow

Settling and Working Abroad

When considering going abroad, it is important to complete all the mandatory procedures.

They vary according to your personal status and the country of destination. But it is essential to have everything sorted in terms of:

  • Residence permits
  • Work permits
  • Taxation.

Often, the company responsible for recruitment will take care of some of these formalities, but if not, it is your responsibility to manage everything.

It is important not to wait until the last minute to gather all the information and documents that will be required.

The Expat Worker’s Pension

Except for seconded workers and countries without a pension plan, you will contribute to the local pension plan during your period as a professional expatriate.

Agreements might exist between countries that allow you to receive pensions abroad.

But this varies depending on where you are coming from and when you are going to be expatriated. You should check it with your country’s authorities.

Health Coverage for Expat Professionals

Similarly, most expat professionals depend on the local health insurance system during their period abroad. It will be more or less costly and protective, but it will never cover:

  • Care received during stays in your home country
  • Care received outside the country of expatriation
  • Repatriation.

To be well protected and get acceptable reimbursements, it is recommended to take out international health insurance.

Many offers exist to best suit all situations and budgets, and you should choose between:

  • A private contract “from the 1st euro”
  • A complementary policy to supplement your Social Security coverage.

To make the right choice, it is advisable to use an online comparator.

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