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Moving to England with kids: guidelines



Families who have decided to move to England with kids are often delighted with the experience. But while the adventure is tempting, it is better to be well prepared in advance.

Good reasons for moving to England with kids

The children will adapt naturally to the language

The most obvious advantage and the one most often cited by parents who plan on moving to England with kids who come from an English speaking country, is of course the great advantage the children will have to adapt easily to their native language. 

By living in England, they benefit from a complete and daily immersion in the language, whether at school or during leisure time, which allows them to quickly integrate the automatisms and subtleties of the language of Shakespeare, and to acquire an impeccable accent.

A comfortable relocation for expats

Moving to England with kids also offers an undoubtful comfort. The country is very well connected by air, sea and land with the rest of the world, allowing you to return regularly to your home country and receive frequent visits from family members.

Homesickness and the feeling of isolation is thus much less than in other destinations farther away.

But England also has the asset of hosting a large international community. Many of them have chosen to move to England with their families.

It is therefore easier to integrate into your community of origin, to benefit from advice and to establish links with the parents and their children.

Children education when moving to England with family

Childcare arrangements: what you need to know before moving to England with children

Before moving to England with kids, you should know that the cost of living is significant, and you will need a planned budget before departure. An important expense is related to childcare.

There is no kindergarten in England, and schooling starts at the age of 4. Prior to this age, you have to find a way to have your children looked after if you work.

The question also arises for older children, because classes generally end around 3:30 p.m. in primary school and there is no daycare.

It is therefore necessary to consider hiring a nanny. Rates vary greatly depending on the area of residence and the hours worked.

It is also possible to find a place in :

  • Day-nursery from 3 months
  • Nursery-school, a kind of preparation for primary school

Public nurseries are less expensive than private ones, but it is not always possible to find an available place.

The English school system

A cultural difference that you have to get used to when moving to England with kids is wearing uniforms at school, which is compulsory in most public and private schools.

Although it is very characteristic of the British way of life, it also has a cost: from 22 to 130 pounds, depending on the school.

The English school system is also different from other countries: the most important diploma is obtained around the age of 15 and is decisive for the choice of high school in which the student will continue his studies.

There are public and private schools in all districts, as well as private and public boarding schools.

Advice and precautions before moving to England with children

Conditions tightened by the Brexit

Until 2020, moving to England with family was quite simple from an administrative point of view. The Brexit has changed all that, and the conditions of access have been tightened, requiring a residence permit and a certain level of:

  • Language
  • Income
  • Qualifications

It is imperative to inform yourself in advance about the conditions that need to be met and the steps that need to be taken before moving there.

International health insurance, essential when moving to England with kids

The question of health insurance is one of the key points when going to live abroad and must be carefully examined. The British public health insurance system suffers from recurring problems:

  • Lack of staff
  • Lack of specialist doctors
  • Long waiting times
  • Etc.

Therefore, the best way to be treated properly is to go to the private sector, where the attention is excellent, but very expensive.

In order for the whole family to be well protected and reimbursed accordingly during your stay in England, it is essential to take out international health insurance before leaving your country.

You can use an online insurance comparator, as it is the easiest solution to correctly choose from the many offers available, the one that best suits your needs.

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