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Tips for Expats Moving to Asia



Moving to Asia is the dream of many people around the world. The continent attracts foreigners in search of a softer life, postcard landscapes, or professional opportunities.

However, to be successful it is necessary to prepare your expatriation well. Here you will find some tips that will help you to plan and execute your Asian adventure.

Best Asian Countries for Expats Looking for Sun

When we think of going to live in Asia, we often think first of the sun, the heat, and the paradisiacal beaches.

This idea, along with a moderate cost of living, is often the one that most appeals to retirees looking for a more pleasant environment and quality of life than they could enjoy in their countries.

The countries of Southeast Asia meet these criteria perfectly. Places like Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand are considered the best Asian countries for expats. And they attract thousands of foreigners every year.

These destinations offer all the advantages and allow you to envisage a comfortable life.

Nevertheless, you will have to make some efforts to integrate on the spot and not remain exclusively between expatriates.

It will be necessary to learn about the culture and heritage of the country. And also a few notions of the local language to be able to communicate easily with the inhabitants.

The local culture is very much alive, and the inhabitants of these countries are renowned for their hospitality towards foreigners.

Work in Asia for Foreigners

If the goal of moving to Asia is above all to offer yourself new career opportunities, you will have to consider other choices of destinations.

Singapore and Hong Kong have long been “eldorado” for expatriates. Especially for those working in finance, but things are changing.

Companies in Singapore are increasingly encouraged to favor the employment of local workers. And the political crisis in Hong Kong is also slowing down the country’s recruitment capabilities.

But other destinations are less well-known and can offer work in Asia for foreigners.

All major companies in the manufacturing sector are now moving away from China to South Asia. So there are opportunities for expats with skills in this area.

India and Indonesia are developing well as potential sources of employment for expatriates. And although Japan is far from being an accessible destination, it still offers good opportunities to those who manage to be recruited there.

As for expatriates with skills in tourism or hospitality, they can try to find a position in the Maldives or Sri Lanka.

In any case, it is crucial to leave with a work contract in your pocket, as it can be very complicated to find a job there.

It is also a guarantee that you will benefit from the advantages provided by the expatriation packages. And to make the whole process easier, since many steps can be taken by your employer.

Health Insurance in Asia and Other Important Precautions

Regardless of the destination you choose, it is important to take some time to complete the necessary steps before leaving.

First of all, you must make sure that you are in good standing with the immigration services of the destination country, and with its various administrations. It is therefore imperative to find out very early on about visa and work permit requirements.

Another crucial precaution to take into account for an expatriation is health insurance in Asia.

In Asia, medical plans are not always accessible to foreigners. And they are rarely sufficient. The same is true for the health coverage provided by the employer.

To be well covered, it is therefore essential to take out international health insurance before departure. The contract can be chosen using an online insurance comparison tool.

No matter what type of policy you choose, make sure it will cover you during your whole expatriation, including during stays in your home country. It should cover, at least, current health expenses, hospitalization costs, and repatriation assistance.

In some countries, and depending on the profile of the expatriate, this type of policy is a mandatory condition for obtaining a visa.

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This is also interesting:

What countries should I move to? The best countries to move to are not the same for everyone! Finding the ideal destination depends first of all on what is expected on a personal level.


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