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What Are the Best Jobs for Expats in 2021?



Many people dream of working abroad. If this is also your case, you need to know what are the best jobs for expats.

Before launching into a blind project, you should make sure your destination offers enough opportunities for your profile.

In this article, you will find information about the industries that offer international expat jobs. And some precautions you need to take into consideration.

International Expat Jobs That Need Experts from your Country

National or Local Know-How Can Be the Key

What is unique from your country or your region? Local cuisine, knowledge about wines, or ability with certain handcraft can open many doors to find high-paying expat jobs.

You might find many offers related to the hotel, gastronomy, or tourism sectors. The job market in these areas is dynamic and favorable to young people.

Teaching English: A Job Opportunity for an Expatriate

Teaching English has been a very successful career for foreigners. Especially in recent years.

All over the world, you will be able to find job offers for expatriates trained in ESL (English as Second Language).

The most sought-after positions require specific qualifications.

But it is often possible to teach in smaller institutions or private homes without a degree or significant teaching experience. Being a native speaker is a skill in itself.

The Best Jobs for Expats Are Often Highly Skilled

Engineering and IT: Great Opportunities

Engineering and computer science are two other sectors of choice when looking for an expatriate job.

It is above all highly qualified profiles, managers, and engineers from international schools and universities that are recruited.

Especially in countries where the local workforce already has a high level of qualification

Aeronautics, energy, petrochemicals, and advanced technologies recruit this type of profile in Europe as well as in North America and Asia.

Take in mind that competition can be fierce in some areas.

Canada and countries experiencing significant economic development, such as India, are also in high demand.

The IT sector also includes some of the best jobs for expats.

Programmers and network technicians are particularly sought after and demand is constant.

The salaries and benefits offered to them are often interesting and negotiable.

Expat Jobs in International Trade and Finance

The international trade, trading, and finance sectors are not left out either. Asia and the Middle East are particularly dynamic destinations in these fields.

Having a good command of English is crucial in this case. And knowing another less common language is almost mandatory.

For example, Arabic or Chinese can be a plus that will allow a CV to stand out from the competition.

Other Sectors Not to Be Overlooked When Looking for International Expat Jobs

Tourism Remains a Safe Bet

It would be difficult to talk about the best jobs for expatriates without mentioning tourism. It remains a safe bet for expatriate work.

Of course, these are jobs that many people dream of. They allow you to combine work with a taste for travel, all in an often privileged setting.

The number of English-speaking tourists in the world generates numerous job opportunities for an expatriate with skills in the tourism sector.

However, there are many candidates. And you must be careful to choose the right destination.

The working conditions and the possibilities of evolution are not identical in all countries.

English Speakers Are in Demand in Call Centers

The best expat jobs are not only for highly qualified profiles.

In recent years, many countries have been able to attract companies specialized in customer services such as call centers. This is thanks to attractive tax policies.

These companies, often based in Malta or Ireland, recruit many English-speaking people throughout the year. And it is an excellent opportunity to get a first expatriate work experience.

Precautions to Take Before Moving Abroad

Be in Good Standing to Work

Landing any of the best jobs for expats is not enough. Even with a good position and a great salary, an expatriation can go wrong if certain precautions are not respected.

This is the case for immigration formalities. Visas and work permits are generally mandatory and can be long and complex to obtain.

This is why it is generally advisable to obtain a job, or at least a promise of employment, before leaving your country.

This will greatly facilitate the legal procedures, which can often be accomplished in large part by the employer.

Being Well Protected During Your Stay Abroad

In some cases, the employer may also provide medical insurance coverage to the future expatriate employee. Or affiliation to the local health system may be mandatory.

In any case, health insurance is one of the crucial points of expatriation. It is generally advisable to take out a good international health insurance policy before your departure.

The policy must cover at least all the common health expenses, hospitalization costs, and repatriation assistance.

An international insurance policy will have the advantage of covering you and your dependents anywhere in the world. Even during temporary stays in your home country.

It is possible to subscribe to this type of coverage in the form of insurance “from the 1st euro”.

They offer full reimbursement of all your expenses. They are very flexible and offer good value for money.

Its downside is that you need to fill a medical questionnaire and some conditions may lead to exclusions or an increase in the cost.

To find the most suitable offer before your departure, the easiest and quickest solution is to use an online insurance comparator.

Frequently Asked Questions About Expat Jobs

Where can I go if I am an English speaker?

English is considered the most universal language, and there are opportunities for English-speakers all over the world. Some popular countries are:

– Switzerland, for the high salaries and very good quality of life
– Germany, for its job opportunities
– The United Kingdom, Ireland, and the United States, for their economic dynamism
– Spain and Portugal, for their warm and sunny climate.

Is it possible to expatriate to a non-English-speaking country?

There is nothing to prevent you from moving to a non-English speaking country. But you will still need to master the local language. Otherway, it will be hard for you to integrate into the local population.

Is it easy to find international expat jobs?

Foreign workers with qualifications are highly sought after in certain countries. But it is important to find out about the specific sectors that need them.

Some countries favor the employment of the local population and are more restrictive regarding access to employment for expatriates. Even going so far as to prohibit access to certain sectors.

What are the most demanded skills in foreign countries?

Most of the expat jobs are related to these fields:

– Tourism
– Hospitality
– Teaching, especially English language
– Engineering and computer science
– International trade and finance.

It is best to find out what sectors are sought after by the destination country, as some countries restrict access to certain employment sectors for foreign expatriates.

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