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Our complete guide to understanding the importance of international health insurance

Our ultimate guide to insurance at the 1st euro: how it works, the advantages and the possible choices

Our complete guide to the CFE: how it works, the offers and the alternatives

Finding Good Health Insurance While Living Abroad



When we talk about health insurance while living abroad, we often think of accidents and serious illnesses.

The kind of situations that may require hospitalization or even emergency repatriation to your country.

However, the needs to be covered are broader and not all of them are emergency needs. Especially in the case of expatriation. Some examples are:

  • Regular medication in case of chronic illness
  • Care at home
  • Maternity care
  • Dental care
  • Optical care
  • Contraception.

There are so many sources of high expenses. And it is better to get good insurance for living and working abroad that can cover all of them.

Insurance for Living Abroad: Coverages and Costs

Social Security Does Not Cover All the Expenses

There are many issues with Social Security. First of all, it’s not available in all countries.

And, in the ones where it is available, it might not be suitable for expats.

For example, in some countries, the insured loses their affiliation as soon as they stay abroad for more than three months.

In other cases, reimbursements are made only after a duly justified request from the insured.

He/She must pay first all the expenses on the spot. Also, reimbursements may be limited, as well as the guarantees offered. And most of the time, repatriation is not covered.

As you can see, it has too many limitations as insurance for living abroad.

Health Care Can Be Expensive Without Health Insurance While Living Abroad

In many countries, health care is very expensive. Especially when the private sector is necessary due to the limitations in the public health system.

A simple consultation with a general practitioner costs an average of 100 euros in Switzerland. Or 80 dollars in the United States.

And specialist consultations or hospitalizations can reach considerable sums.

It is, therefore, better to have good health insurance while living abroad.

Which One Is the Best Insurance for Living and Working Abroad?

Insurance While Living Abroad With Your National Social Security

We already talked about the limitations that affect Social Security for expats. But another one, worth to be mentioned is the low limits of its coverage.

Its reimbursements are calculated by taking your country’s medical care prices as a reference. And they are often insufficient in many countries.

The coverages abroad are often few and not flexible. And the contributions are calculated according to your age and the number of people under your responsibility.

This forces you to take out a complimentary insurance policy with another company in order to be better reimbursed. This multiplies the costs and the paperwork.

The best part is that you don’t need to fill up a medical questionnaire when registering with this insurance for living abroad.

The “First Euro” Policies: Flexible Health Insurance While Living Abroad

The “first euro” offers proposed by many insurance companies are a good solution for covering health expenses abroad.

These contracts can be temporary for stays of up to 12 months.

Or long term in case of expatriation or world tour. And allow being reimbursed from the first euro spent, following the real health costs of the host country.

Exclusions of coverage or additional premiums may apply in case of medical pre-existing conditions.

But there are many flexible formulas, so you can adapt your insurance to the reality of your needs.

These companies are specialized in international insurance. They have a good knowledge of local health systems and even partnerships that make life easier for the insured.

Reimbursements are generally fast, and repatriation assistance is included. This is why many expats consider them the best insurance while living abroad.

Local Health Insurance Plans

When abroad, joining a local health insurance plan is only of interest in a few cases.

And it is important to be well informed. Because the coverage offered does not always correspond to your real needs abroad!

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