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Expat Health Insurance: Which Option Is The Best?



What expat health insurance options are out there? Social Security can be a good one, especially when combined with a supplementary policy.

But since this public choice is not always available, a great alternative would be to get in touch with a private insurance company.

Here are a few keys to help you find your way around the choice of international health insurance for expatriates.

Expat Health Insurance Through Social Security

Social Security is probably the best-known expat health insurance, but it is not necessarily the most interesting.

Furthermore, its availability will depend on your home country and where you are moving to.

An International Health Insurance for Expatriates Open to All

Social Security has a rather special status because it’s usually under the supervision of the state. This means that, in most countries, it can’t refuse any membership.

It does not require the completion of a medical questionnaire. Therefore, it does not apply any additional premium to people suffering from pre-existing conditions such as a serious chronic illness.

Expat Health Insurance With Limited Reimbursements

The amount of the reimbursements usually have specific tops and ceilings. They are therefore based on the cost of care in your country of origin.

However, the cost of care might be higher in many countries. Meaning that your expat health insurance won’t be able to cover the total sum of the medical expenses.

Some examples of places where medical care is expensive are the United States, Switzerland, or private health facilities in Latin America.

Social Security is therefore not suitable international health insurance for expatriates living in these countries.

Complementary Policy

This is why some private companies offer health insurance solutions that are complementary to Social Security.

Although they improve reimbursements and sometimes offer additional coverage, these solutions do not facilitate the administrative process, which involves two organizations.

International Health Insurance for Expatriates “From the First Euro”

The so-called “first euro” or “first dollar” insurances are the most common among expatriates. Their quality/price ratio is their strength.

Full Coverage Expat Health Insurance

Contrary to Social Security supplements, these insurances cover health expenses from the first euro or dollar spent, hence their name.

Of course, the rate of reimbursement depends on the conditions set out in the insurance contract.

Thus, with this type of international health insurance for expatriates, you will have only one contact person for your coverage. This makes the process much simpler.

Extensive Services

In addition, most of these expat health insurance plans have partnerships with local medical networks in many countries.

This allows their policyholders not to have to advance hospitalization fees in particular and to benefit from advantageous rates and very short reimbursement periods.

They also often offer an application to manage all the procedures and communicate easily with the consultants.

Finally, they include guarantees adapted to the expatriate condition, such as repatriation insurance, which allows you to be treated in your country in case of illness or serious accident.

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This is also interesting:

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