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Evacuation and Repatriation Insurance: All You Need to Know

Véhicules lors de la mise en place d'un rapatriement sanitaire avec une bonne assurance


Taking out evacuation and repatriation insurance means that you are not left alone to deal with an unforeseen event in a foreign country. And that you do not have to spend large sums of money in an emergency.

It is an essential guarantee when you go abroad, whether for a trip or an expatriation.

What Is International Medical Evacuation and Repatriation Insurance?

What Is Covered by Repatriation Insurance Policy

International repatriation insurance allows you to be evacuated in case of illness or accident abroad. It can be to your home country, a neighboring one, or even another location

Repatriation is decided when it is not possible to receive adequate care on the spot. Or when it is not financially interesting.

It can be more or less medicalized. And it can be done by any means of transportation.

Repatriation in a specially chartered medical plane with a stretcher is not the most common option. It often takes place on a regular flight with simple medical supervision.

A good emergency evacuation and repatriation insurance should also cover all the expenses related to this procedure.

A possible rescue and search operations, medical equipment (stretcher, infusions, medication, etc.), and expenses related to the presence of health personnel during the transport.

Also hospitalization expenses, ambulance transport to the airport and the place of care, repatriation of family members and pets, children traveling without a parent…

It is also possible to use this insurance to receive medication in a country where it is not available. Or to pay for airfare and accommodation for a relative in case of hospitalization of the expatriate.

These guarantees vary from one contract to another.

Finally, repatriation insurance can also cover repatriation in the event of the death of a loved one in the country of origin. Or the repatriation of a body and funeral expenses in the event of the insured’s death abroad.

In this case, it includes the preparation of the body and its burial, as well as the transport to the place of burial.

The Triggering of the Emergency Evacuation and Repatriation Insurance

Repatriation is expensive, even very expensive (up to 40,000 dollars for one done by medical plane).

And the costs are never covered by the public health insurance system, nor by the local compulsory insurance schemes abroad.

It is important to take out a good repatriation insurance policy in order not to risk such expenses.

Even for simple repatriation, the cost is often high. The plane ticket must be bought urgently and at the last minute, therefore at full price.

But this insurance is also a logistical help. Because the administrative procedures that precede and accompany repatriation are numerous and often complicated.

Especially when they have to be carried out in a hurry and in a language that you do not master.

The companies that market contracts including repatriation insurance are aware of the details of this procedure. They are precious support.

In the event of an accident or illness, you must contact your insurer. It will decide, in conjunction with the medical personnel on-site, to initiate the repatriation procedure and the accompanying logistics.

This decision is essential, as it allows for the financial coverage of the repatriation. You must act quickly.

If the situation is not medically critical, a simple evacuation to a specific establishment, elsewhere in the country, or in a neighboring country, might be more suitable than returning to your home country. It is easier and cheaper.

How to Choose Your Evacuation and Repatriation Insurance?

Always Check the Exclusions and Conditions That Apply to the International Repatriation Insurance

It is advisable to use an online comparator to find your emergency medical repatriation insurance.

It will be possible to obtain quotes and choose from several offers, by comparing the rates and guarantees offered.

Among the criteria to take into account when choosing an insurance policy, the insurer must be easily reachable. Anywhere and at any time, as repatriation is often an emergency.

Any good international insurer must therefore offer platforms that allow you to easily and quickly reach advisors. It can be by chat or telephone, at any time and from anywhere in the world.

Companies from your home country specializing in international insurance are a guarantee of reliability on this point.

They are experts in the field and very familiar with this particular case. They can respond quickly and set up all the useful logistics for repatriation as soon as possible.

You should also check the guarantees covered by the contract. As well as any possible exclusions that may exist.

You should also look closely at the conditions for triggering assistance, the countries covered, as well as the ceilings and deductibles that may apply.

Depending on the contract, the remaining costs and the possible sums to be advanced can vary greatly.

Where Can I Buy My Emergency Medical Repatriation Insurance?

It is possible to take advantage of your bank card insurance or your home insurance to benefit from an international repatriation policy.

However, these contracts should be examined closely. They often offer minimal guarantees and have strict conditions. As well as deductibles that should not be overlooked. The remaining costs can be substantial in the end.

These insurances must above all cover the entire duration of the stay abroad, so as not to risk being left without coverage. They are generally only suitable for short trips, but not for expatriations.

Taking out international medical evacuation and repatriation insurance is often the best solution for optimal protection.

In addition to repatriation, it is possible to benefit from coverage of medical expenses anywhere in the world (routine care and hospitalization).

But also, depending on the plan and the level of protection chosen, from extended guarantees.

Some of them are cancellation insurance or protection of one’s luggage in case of loss or theft, or legal assistance.

Most insurers offer so-called “1st euro/dollar” contracts that include evacuation and repatriation insurance at attractive rates.

This is an effective solution and is often highly appreciated for its good value for money. There are many different formulas, designed to suit all needs and profiles.

It should be noted that Social Security is not, in itself, a good solution for expats. As it doesn’t cover repatriation.

If you can benefit from this service, you should get a supplementary policy to extend its coverage.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does Evacuation and Repatriation Insurance Cover?

An emergency evacuation and repatriation insurance allow you to be evacuated to your country, a neighboring one, or even another location in case of illness or accident abroad.

What Is the Cost of a Medical Repatriation?

Repatriation is expensive. It can easily reach 40.000 dollars if it’s done by medical plane. It is therefore essential to take out insurance to avoid such expenses.

How to Choose Your Repatriation Insurance Policy?

It is advisable to use an online comparator to choose your insurance. This will allow you to obtain quotes and choose from several offers.

Among the criteria to take into account when making your choice, the insurer must be easily reachable. Repatriation is often an emergency.

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