How to choose your international private health insurance?



The question of health insurance is crucial for anyone who is about to move abroad. In fact, each country has its own health system and the needs of an expat are not always the same when it comes to international private health insurance.

It is therefore important to choose a solution that is adapted to both the country where you are moving to and your personal and family needs.

Here are a few tips on how to get the best health coverage at the best cost.

Learn about the host country’s health care system

There are two main criteria to consider: the quality and ease of access to local health care and its cost.

The quality of the local health care system

Depending on whether you move to the United States, Argentina or China, the quality of the care you can expect to receive will not be at all the same.

While some countries have top-notch health care professionals and facilities, others have a severe lack of well-trained doctors and modern infrastructure, and overcrowding in the public sector can lead to long delays in treatment.

The cost of care

Regardless of the quality of care one can receive, the cost of care varies greatly from country to country.

In Europe, for example, every insured person can benefit from the expertise of well-trained doctors and satisfactory, even state-of-the-art, material conditions.

In other countries, on the other hand, this option is reserved for people with significant financial resources or through an expensive private health insurance.

Defining priorities according to your host country

Therefore, the strengths of your international private health insurance policy will not necessarily be the same.

If you are moving to a country that lacks quality infrastructure, the focus should be on repatriation or evacuation to a better equipped country in case of accident or serious illness.

If your host country has health care conditions equivalent to those in Europe, but expensive, you will have to pay more attention to the financial conditions for the most important care.

International private health insurance comparison

In order to make an international private health insurance comparison, you should know before that these types of policies cover health expenses abroad from the first euro/dollar paid, without involving the local compulsory health insurance when there is one.

Reimbursement procedures are therefore generally simpler and depend solely on the actual cost of the care provided.

The main interest of these insurances is their diversity and flexibility: many formulas, more or less protective, exist on the market.

As a result, it is quite possible to find a cover that suits all needs and budgets.

On the other hand, the medical questionnaire is compulsory, and can lead to exclusions of coverages, or even a refusal of membership, or an increase in the premium in case of chronic illness or medical history.

Key points to consider when choosing the best private international health insurance

To purchase the best private international health insurance for you, certain points are particularly important when choosing between the different offers.

Choose a company from your home country

Even though it is not imperative, choosing an insurer from your home country often proves to be a great comfort.

It allows you to have a contact person who speaks your language and understands your health habits perfectly.

It is also the assurance of a contract protected by the law from your country, which is much more protective for the insured than other legislations in case of litigation.

How are reimbursements made?

Another key point: what is the procedure for reimbursing health expenses?

Simplicity and speed are the main principles to take into account.

In fact, simple and quick refunds will avoid, on the one hand, considerable administrative steps and, on the other hand, having to advance significant sums later on.

The third-party payment for hospital care is also a very positive point.

Identify the benefits covered

Each insurance policy has its own characteristics, often stated in the professional language of the insurer, which is not always easy to decipher.

However, it is essential to know exactly what types of care are covered, what the coverage limits are, whether there are deductibles, exclusions of coverage, how hospitalization costs are paid, etc.

Therefore, calling on an international private health insurance broker is often the best solution.

They will be able to offer you the policy that is best suited to your situation, your needs and your family situation.

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