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Health Insurance in Thailand in Case of Hospitalization



If you need to get hospitalized, having good health insurance in Thailand is essential.

There is no doubt that this country is a dream destination. But problems related to the food and the climate, as well as road accidents lead each year many foreigners to the hospital.

Even if the health prices there are not among the highest in the world, an unforeseen event can cause important expenses.

And for this, is highly recommendable to have private medical insurance in Thailand.

Why Do You Need International Medical Insurance in Thailand?

The Hospital: The Heart of the Thai Health System

The Thai health system has a good reputation, both in the public and private sectors. Even if the establishments of the latter are generally more modern and better equipped.

A foreigner in need of treatment should have no worries about the quality of the care.

Unlike Europe or the United States, the hospital in Thailand is at the heart of the system. Also for simple consultations.

The costs vary greatly from one facility to another. For example, a night’s stay in a single room including basic hospital services can cost from 100 to 500 dollars.

For a higher quality of accommodation and services, the rates go up very quickly.

Inequalities Make Private Medical Insurance in Thailand a Must

The main problem of hospitalization in Thailand is in the inequalities between facilities. They can make the bill increase quickly.

The waiting times are often long in the public establishments, and the countryside is less well endowed with hospitals than the cities.

It’s not rare to need evacuation or transport to a hospital in another locality, which means higher expenses. This is why foreigners often choose to use private facilities and get private insurances.

It’s also the case for expatriate residents. They receive free care through their affiliation with the local health system.

But they prefer to be treated at their own expense in another hospital that is better equipped and less overcrowded.

In Thailand, Health Care Insurance Guarantees Good Care in Case of Hospitalization

Most of the facilities require a deposit if the patient cannot prove that health insurance in Thailand will cover the hospitalization expenses.

The price is very variable, but can go up to 7.000 dollars in certain establishments!

It is therefore essential to take out an insurance policy to cover any unforeseen eventuality.

At least to pay for hospitalization costs and evacuation (covered in the case of repatriation insurance, but not always the other way around).

Which Health Insurance in Thailand Is the Best for a Hospitalization?

Bank Card Insurance: Often Insufficient

The insurance offered with some bank cards can cover part of your expenses. But there are often many limitations

The ceilings applied are generally too low. They are not enough to cover all the expenses incurred, and deductibles are applied.

Also, this policy might not cover you if the trip is longer than 90 days.

Some banks also require you to pay for the trip with the card to be covered.

It is thus more advantageous to look for international medical insurance in Thailand. It will take care of all the hospitalization expenses.

Be careful however if you are a resident. The affiliation with the local system is mandatory, and these policies don’t replace it.

Social Security or Private Health Insurance for Thailand “From the 1st Dollar”?

In Thailand, the health care insurance that many expats recommend is the type known as “1st dollar”. It will cover you in case of hospitalization in the country.

They have several advantages. They cover all medical expenses from the 1st dollar that goes out of your pocket.

Their advisers are easily reachable at any time. And they have partnerships with local health establishments.

It is a solution that generally offers very good value for money. And it is popular for its simplicity and flexibility.

However, exclusions from coverage and additional premiums may apply if you have a medical history.

In this case, it might be possible to get coverage from your national Social Security (if your country offers it).

However, it will not necessarily cover all the expenses and needs abroad. Particularly repatriation. It is often necessary to consider taking out a complimentary insurance policy in addition.

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