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The Importance of Repatriation Insurance for Dubai



Taking out repatriation insurance for Dubai is far from being an unnecessary expense.

No one is safe from an illness or accident requiring to urgently leave the country. And without specific coverage in Dubai, such as the repatriation insurance, an already unpleasant event can turn into a nightmare.

Find out how to leave safely in case of emergency, whether you’re moving to Dubai or staying there on vacation!

Is It Really Necessary to Take out Repatriation Insurance for Dubai?

Repatriation, a costly and poorly covered operation

Repatriation does not always consist of transporting a patient on a stretcher in a specially chartered medical plane.

It can take place by any means of transport, with limited or no medical equipment and supervision.

In all cases, the cost of the operation and its ancillary expenses can be very high: several tens of thousands of euros for repatriation by medical plane.

In case of repatriation from the Emirates, these expenses will never be covered by the social security system or by the local health system.

It is therefore imperative to think of a Dubai repatriation plan in advance.

The heavy logistics of repatriation from Dubai

Taking out repatriation insurance for Dubai is not only about benefiting from financial assistance.

Repatriation requires administrative procedures and special logistics that are complicated to implement as an individual.

With repatriation insurance, the insurer will decide on the launch of these operations in agreement with the local medical authorities, and will implement the appropriate logistics: essential assistance when faced with a health problem or an accident.

It is not always advisable to seek medical treatment on-site

It is not the lack of quality of local health care and facilities that justifies the purchase of repatriation insurance in Dubai, because Dubai has an excellent medical service.

But the rates are so high that it is often financially more interesting to be treated in France in case of a particular illness, long hospitalization, or accident.

Being closer to family in France is also a good reason to leave Dubai for the duration of the treatment.

How to Choose the Right Repatriation Insurance for Dubai ?

Repatriation assistance is included in international insurance contracts

It is possible to purchase repatriation insurance for Dubai as a specific product or to include it in an international insurance contract.

Home insurance policies or those linked to bank cards often include this assistance, but this is generally not a good solution: the guarantees do not necessarily cover the entire duration of the trip or expatriation, and the deductibles and ceilings applied are not always interesting.

It is recommended to take out an international insurance policy that includes repatriation as part of the coverage, because in Dubai, this type of policy is essential for any stay given the cost of health care in the country.

These contracts cover health expenses and interesting additional guarantees (legal assistance, loss or theft of luggage) and are the most recommended insurance solution for a stay in Dubai due to their simplicity of management.

The price of this type of health insurance for Dubai depends on the guarantees covered, the number of people to be insured, etc.

1st dollar or euro insurance to cover repatriation from Dubai

It is possible to benefit from repatriation insurance for Dubai by subscribing to international insurance at the 1st dollar (or euro) with a specialized company.

These types of contracts are very flexible in terms of guarantees, very efficient, and have a very good value for money thanks to their reimbursements from the first dollar spent and up to the actual costs.

Pay Attention to the Guarantees!

It is important to use a comparison tool before purchasing repatriation insurance for Dubai.

The quotes obtained will allow you to compare the prices and guarantees offered.

The latter must be examined in detail, because the medical questionnaire may generate exclusions, while the process of repatriation involves additional expenses that should be covered: repatriation of family members, medical transfers, rescue and hospitalization expenses, airfare, and accommodation for a relative in case of hospitalization on-site, etc.

It is important not to neglect anything to avoid unpleasant surprises upon arrival.

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