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Cuba travel health insurance: why do you need it?



Since 2010, all tourists wishing to enter the Caribbean island must prove that they are insured, and therefore need to show a valid Cuba travel health insurance to the authorities on arrival.

Although the certificate is not always requested by customs, not being able to present it prevents entry into the country and leads to the urgent purchase of a more expensive insurance on the spot.

This certificate is also essential when applying for a renewal of the tourist card.

Healthcare system in Cuba: overview

A recognized health system and limited risks

Apart from the usual precautions related to water safety, staying in Cuba does not present any particular health risks, and the Cuban health system is recognized worldwide for its high quality:

  • High level of medical training
  • Numerous infrastructures
  • Free care for the population.

Therefore, anyone may think that if they have a health problem in Cuba, they will benefit from ideal care.

Free health care… but not for foreign citizens

However, this is far from being the reality, as the free health care system is only applied to Cubans.

And even if the medical expenses remain relatively affordable in Cuba, the increasing number of tourists unable to pay their health expenses pushed the authorities in 2010 to authorize entry to the island only to foreign citizens having purchased a Cuban health insurance for tourists.

And beware of fraud: health care facilities are under no obligation to take care of a tourist without an insurance certificate, even in the event of a vital emergency!

The essential covers a Cuban health insurance for tourists must provide

Insurance that meets Cuban requirements

There are certain requirements a Cuba travel health insurance must meet when you purchase it: recognition of the company by the local authorities, coverage of health and hospitalization expenses up to 30,000 euros, and repatriation insurance.

Fortunately, most insurance plans marketed in your home country include these minimum covers and are approved by Cuba.

Cuba health insurance to cover medical expenses… but additionally

Besides this minimum coverage, it may be worthwhile to increase the limit of your insurance for medical expenses, and to add more extensive covers, such as cancellation insurance in order not to lose the large sum of money a trip to Cuba represents, or even insurance for your luggage in case of theft or loss.

Of course, these covers have a cost, but they will be very useful in case of unforeseen events.

Cuba travel health insurance: choose the best plan

Travel insurance: credit card or home insurance, be careful!

It is possible to travel to Cuba with the medical expenses insurance included in the agreements linked to credit cards or home insurance.

However, it is important to keep in mind that these covers are generally minimal: deductibles and exclusions may apply, and the reimbursement caps may be insufficient to cover the real expenses related to an unexpected event.

As a result, it is interesting to compare these policies with those offered by companies specializing in travel insurance.

Assurance from international insurance experts

The insurance plans offered by companies specializing in international insurance have several advantages.

The first is the expertise of these companies, which know the field perfectly and will be able to provide advice, assistance and logistics useful in all situations, thanks in particular to advisers who are easily reachable and available.

Another major advantage is the flexibility and good value for money of the so-called “first euro” plans: the formulas proposed are numerous and a wide range of covers can be added according to the needs of each person.

As for reimbursements, they are made according to the most stringent rules, and health costs are covered from the first euro incurred by the insured person.

Compare to find the best insurance rate

Cuba travel health insurance cost varies according to the extent of the plan coverages, the number of people to be insured and the duration of the stay.

The easiest way to find the best insurance for your medical expenses in Cuba is to use an online comparator, which will allow you to obtain several quotes quickly, easily and free of charge.

All you have to do is compare the best offers by analyzing the protections offered, maximum caps and any applicable restrictions.

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