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Cuba health insurance requirement: tips & tricks



Cuba’s health insurance requirement has been forced by the local authorities due to the large number of tourists visiting the island without medical insurance and finding themselves unable to pay for their health care expenses on the spot.

It is mandatory for all foreign visitors wishing to stay in the country to take out health and repatriation insurance. Discover here all our recommendations to visit Cuba safely, whether your stay is short or long!

Compulsory medical insurance is required to stay in Cuba

Arriving without health insurance in Cuba: a very bad idea

Any traveler arriving in Cuba is required to present several documents to customs in order to be allowed to enter:

  • Valid passport
  • Plane ticket with return date
  • Visa or tourist card to exit the territory
  • Cuba health insurance requirement.

The latter is generally not claimed at customs, but the authorities may require it. 

It is better not to take the risk of not having it: those who cannot prove that they have Cuba health insurance requirements are forced urgently to purchase an expensive insurance policy at the airport.

No health assistance without insurance

It is very important to have several copies of your Cuban insurance policy before departure, and to keep them in secured places in case of loss or theft.

This insurance is not only necessary to enter Cuba, but also for any application to renew your residence permit.

Mainly, you must present it in the event of being treated at a health center: even if the medical costs are not excessive in Cuba (about 40 euros for a consultation), health services are not obliged to accept foreigners who cannot prove they have Cuba health insurance requirements, even in an emergency!

How do I choose and purchase health insurance in Cuba?

The insurance must be approved and offer a minimum of covers

Before choosing a medical insurance policy for Cuba, you should be aware of the obligations that must be met: the insurance chosen must be recognized by the Cuban authorities and must provide a minimum level of coverage.

Fortunately, most companies from your country of origin are usually approved.

The minimum covers needed are repatriation assistance and coverage of medical and hospitalization expenses up to a minimum of 30,000 euros, coverages normally included in all packages.

However, it may be worthwhile to purchase a more protective plan, with higher caps or broader coverages, such as luggage insurance in case of theft or loss, or cancellation policy, because a trip to Cuba is really an investment.

Obviously, the more protective the plan is, the more expensive it will be.

Where to buy Cuba health insurance requirement?

There are several ways to purchase medical insurance in order to travel to Cuba.

If you book your holiday from a tour operator, they are legally required to offer an insurance policy at the time of purchase. However, these offers are often not very interesting.

It is also possible to travel with the insurance linked to the credit card used to purchase the trip or with your home insurance.

But be careful, in this case, the coverages are often minimal, and the deductibles and caps must be examined in detail.

The best solution is to buy a specific international insurance policy known as “1st euro insurance”, that will allow you to benefit from coverage of your health expenses from the first euro spent.

These insurances are designed by travel insurance specialists whose expertise allows you to benefit from available, reactive and quality assistance. These contracts are often flexible, allowing you to choose the most appropriate coverage for each situation.

How much does Cuba health insurance cost?

Cuba health insurance cost varies according to the number of people to be insured, the duration of the stay and the covers you have chosen.

The easiest way is to use an online comparison tool to quickly receive quotes and compare the best offers.

When you examine the extent of the proposed plan, the exclusions and caps of coverages, the possible deductibles and conditions for activation, it will be easier to make a choice and all you will need to do is to purchase and print your insurance policy.

Do not forget to do it early enough to have peace of mind before traveling to Cuba!

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