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How to Work in New York City: Best Guide to Get a Job

Personnes qui travaillent à New York


New York is the largest city in the United States. It is also a global business center. In view of the many professional opportunities that exist, many expatriates choose to work in New York every year.

Discover, without further delay, the procedure to follow in order to find a job in New York.

Work in New York City: What Procedure to Follow?

To work in New York as an expatriate, you must have a work visa. In order to make your project a reality, you must also prepare it in great detail.

Work in New York for an Expatriate: How to Carry Out Your Project?

In order to carry out your project to work in New York, it is imperative to refine your idea.

You need to know where and how to apply for a job, and you need to be informed about the procedures to follow and the salaries in New York. These prerequisites are essential to make this project a success.

You must be aware that the cost of living is important. Rents are very expensive, as are food and subscriptions (Internet, telephone, etc.). You must therefore have a sufficient salary to hope to enjoy a comfortable daily life.

Similarly, you cannot look for a job in New York if you do not have the appropriate work visa, or you risk being illegal. There are different permits to work in the United States (H1B, L1, L2, E1, E2, etc.). It is important to know which visa to apply for, depending on your situation.

Another solution is to find a company willing to hire you. This company will then become your “sponsor” to obtain your visa. In this case, it is the company that will carry out the various obligatory steps for you concerning your work permit.

Finally, the last possibility is to try your luck in the Green Card lottery. This official lottery organized by the American authorities allows thousands of visas to be granted each year to foreign citizens who wish to settle in the country.

How to Find a Job in New York

To find a job in New York, it is often advisable to network. This is one of the most effective ways to find a job opportunity.

You can also browse job offers on professional networks (LinkedIn, Viadeo, etc.) or online job portals (CareerBuilder, Job-Hunt, etc.).

Alternatively, if you are currently working for an international company, it may have a branch office in New York. In this case, you can request a transfer to facilitate your expatriation to the United States.

Before you apply for a job you like, consider revising your resume to bring it up to U.S. standards. This means that you should not post a photo or indicate your marital status. Your date of birth and nationality should not be included.

How to Work in New York in Practice?

In New York, some sectors recruit more than others. In the same way, there are certain profiles that stand out from the crowd and that recruiters are particularly interested in.

Sectors That are Recruiting

Generally speaking, the fashion, ready-to-wear, hairdressing, and restaurant sectors are always willing to recruit expatriates to work in New York.

The communication, tourism, and IT sectors are also constantly looking for expatriates to hire. In addition, these fields of activity are experiencing a significant labor shortage.

If you have a qualified degree and experience in the finance sector, you may also have a chance of finding a job in this field in New York. However, you need to be tenacious, as Americans applying for jobs in this sector are usually from top business schools. The competition is, therefore, fierce.

The healthcare sector is also constantly looking for new profiles. In particular, the country is facing a shortage of nurses. However, expatriate nursing diplomas are not recognized in the United States. You will therefore need to obtain a foreign nursing diploma in order to be eligible for a position in New York.

Specialized expatriate engineers (hydraulics, mechanics, energy, etc.) are also highly valued in the United States.

Finally, if you want to teach a language, you can find some opportunities in this field in New York.

Profiles Sought After for Work in New York

Generally, expatriates who are lucky enough to find a job in New York have highly qualified skills and a unique profile.

In most cases, you must be a graduate of a prestigious school and have at least a bachelor’s degree.

However, people with an atypical profile who dare to leave their comfort zone can also attract recruiters.

Focus on the Recruitment Process in New York

Overall, the recruitment process in New York is more or less the same as in other countries.

Once your resume has caught the attention of the recruiter, you will usually get an interview. During this exchange, the recruiter will try to find out more about you. They will tell you more about the position and the company you are about to join.

However, job interviews follow strict rules. Each question asked must be as clear as possible. In addition, exchanges must be limited to explicit facts.

Note that you can also create your own company in New York to work in this cosmopolitan city. It is important to emphasize that the procedure to be followed for a new company is the same.

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