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Essential Luggage for moving abroad


Preparing your expat package list leaves no room for improvisation. It requires planning and time!

Preparing your expat package needs to be planned in advance. In this article we’ll show you some moving abroad packing tips one must take into account before reaching the new country of destination.

Managing your moving abroad luggage is something that requires a lot of time: you must work on a list of things to pack when moving abroad, but also what you are leaving behind when moving abroad to live and work.

Identity and administrative documents: the essentials of the moving abroad luggage

Valid travel documents

The documents related to the smooth running of the trip are of course essential to any expat package. They vary according to the destination and sometimes involve prior procedures to obtain them:

  • Plane tickets
  • Passports
  • Visas and residence permits
  • Work Permits
  • International driving license in case of expatriation outside the European Union

All these documents must be valid for each family member.

In case of moving to another country with pets, do not forget to bring their vaccination booklet and make sure that legal obligations regarding identification and health are fulfilled.

Other Useful Documents in the moving abroad luggage

Other useful documents must, depending on the situation, be added to the expat package:

  • Identity documents and family record book
  • Bank documents
  • Notarial deeds
  • Diplomas
  • Work certificates and pay slips
  • Passport photos
  • Etc.

Also, it is highly recommended carrying copies in paper and digital format, as this is an essential precaution in case of loss or theft. Several copies should be kept in different pieces of luggage (it is advisable to always keep important documents and valuables with you in the cabin).

It is also useful to take these copies with you on a USB key, but also to send them to each other by e-mail, or to store them in a digital safe.

Health, a priority when moving abroad

Don’t forget your current treatments

Continuity of follow-up and health care should not be neglected when moving to a new country. This is why certain medical documents such as the latest blood or radiological tests must also be included in the luggage for moving abroad.

In the event of treatment, you must take your medication with you – especially if it cannot be purchased locally – as well as your prescriptions, always translated if possible.

Important: some countries apply strict rules that limit or prohibit the possession of certain substances; violating them may result in the destruction of products, fines, or even prison sentences.

It is essential to leave with good health coverage

Depending on your destination, don’t forget to add your EHIC (European Health Insurance Card) or your international insurance certificate to your expat package.

Expatriates are generally not covered by Social Security, and even if they are affiliated to the local health insurance scheme, it is highly recommended to take out an international insurance before departure.

You should not wait until the last minute to take this essential step, and the use of a price comparison website will allow you to make your choice easily and quickly.

Moving abroad luggage should allow you to settle in quickly.

Indispensable things to pack when moving abroad

You can only bring in your expat package the important items that will be useful in the first few weeks abroad: clothing adapted to the climate, toiletries, some cutlery and kitchen utensils if the accommodation is not equipped.

Also think about plugs adapted to the electrical standards of the country of expatriation so that you can use a telephone or computer on the spot.

For what does not fit in the expat suitcase, choices must be made:

  • What can be bought locally
  • What will have to be transported by a moving company
  • What can be thrown away, given or sold before departure
  • This will have to be entrusted to a furniture repository.

We strongly recommend you to follow all these moving abroad packing tips as they will make your life easier when planning to move to a different country.

Think about key elements for the first moments abroad

It is always advisable to carry some local currency in your moving abroad luggage to facilitate the first expenses on the spot. This money must sometimes be ordered in advance.

You should also plan for your arrival: a map of the city and transportation, as well as a few useful addresses, will always be very helpful. It is in the expatriate’s best interest to take a travel guide with him or her to find out in advance about the country in which he or she will be living, as well as a conversation guide to facilitate initial interactions if the expat does not have a perfect command of the local language.

Finally, a few mobile applications to keep in touch with French administrations (taxes, banks, insurance) once abroad will not be useless either.

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