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Moving to Australia



Moving to Australia is an adventure that makes everyone dream. Wide-open spaces, dynamic and modern cities, white sandy beaches and, especially, quality of life: the country is as much a vacation destination as it is an expat destination.

But such a project must be planned in advance!

The procedures to complete before moving to Australia

How to settle in Australia. Organize your move in advance

Moving to Australia is similar to a long distance move. We strongly recommend you to get organized early enough. Think about:

  • Giving, selling, storing or having your belongings shipped by an international moving company and getting the right quotes.
  • Termination of contracts related to housing: energy, insurance, internet, etc.
  • Find a place to settle for the first few months of stay in Australia. Using a relocation agency can help, as housing and cost of living in Australia is quite expensive.

Notify the authorities of your relocation to Australia

Before leaving to settle in Australia, it is imperative to carry out certain procedures:

  • Notify the authorities of the move (CAF, Social Security, Employment Services, Taxes).
  • Find out about your future tax status
  • Have your passport renewed if necessary
  • Apply for an International Driving Permit
  • Make an appointment with your bank fto close your accounts if necessary
  • Manage the health obligations related to the expatriation of your pets
  • Etc.

Guide to living and working in Australia. Prepare your integration

Moving to Australia also requires taking some initiatives:

  • English courses
  • Information on culture and local life
  • Search for employment or training for your partner
  • Schooling of children.

Moving to Australia and working there

Visas, the key to expatriation in Australia

There are as many reasons to settle in Australia as required visas to live there.

The WHV or PVT

This visa allows you to live and work for 1 to 3 years in Australia. It is the easiest way to settle in Australia until the age of 35.

The student visa

It is intended for students who want to work while studying in Australia.


This visa requires an English test, to be hired by an Australian company and to hold a position on a list of sought-after jobs.

The Skilled Independent Visa

It is for people who are not hired by a company and who are likely to practice a sought-after profession.

The Partner Visa

This visa is intended for spouses of Australians or permanent residents.

The Australian job market

Finding expat jobs in Australia is not so simple. But there are many opportunities if you are able to meet the country’s particular labour needs:

  • Mining sector
  • Finance
  • Computer science
  • Education
  • Building
  • Catering
  • Etc.

The unemployment rate is quite low, and salaries are generally more attractive than in other countries, which makes it possible to compensate for the higher living expenses in Australia. But layoffs are also more frequent and social protection is less developed than in average countries.

Having a good health insurance for a relaxed expatriation in Australia

Health in Australia

There is nothing to worry about when you are moving to Australia: the quality of care there is excellent in both the public and private sectors.

But this has its associated cost, among the highest in the world. In the public sector, this is the overall situation:

  • Approximately 45 euros for a general practitioner
  • A hundred euros for a specialist or a dentist
  • An overnight stay in a hospital costs about 1000 euros, not counting the care.

Naturally, these prices go up in the private sector.

When one decides to move to Australia, he must wait two years to be affiliated to the local health insurance system, Medicare, which in fact proves to be quite inefficient compared to other countries.

This is why it is advisable to take out international health insurance before moving to Australia.

These policies cover you anywhere in the world for health care, hospitalization and repatriation. It is also possible to add additional covers according to your personal needs.

Choosing the right health insurance to settle in Australia

The easiest way to choose international insurance for moving to Australia is to use a price comparison website that will give a detailed overview of the cover and rates of the contracts.

However, exclusions of benefits and premium increases can be applied in case of chronic illness or history reported in the mandatory medical questionnaire.

It will be of particular interest to young people and people with pre-existing medical conditions because of the contributions calculated according to the age of the insured and the absence of a medical questionnaire.

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This is also interesting:

What countries should I move to? The best countries to move to are not the same for everyone! Finding the ideal destination depends first of all on what is expected on a personal level.

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