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How to Move to Canada With Family [Guide 2021]



More and more people from all over the world move to Canada with family every year.

This destination offers a good quality of life, many working opportunities, and it’s an enriching experience for kids.

Here you will find all the information you need to be successful in this adventure.

Good Reasons for Moving to Canada With Family

Canada Offers an Excellent Living Environment

Moving to Canada with family is a unique opportunity to live a collective adventure abroad. It will help forge lasting memories and strengthen the bonds between parents and children.

Canada offers many advantages in this regard, starting with its environment and quality of life. Both are conducive to family development. The salaries are attractive and the working conditions are well suited to balanced family life.

The country allows you to enjoy the daily advantages and comforts of large modern metropolises, such as Montreal. But also to easily escape into still wild nature, offering superb landscapes and a vast choice of leisure activities.

Bilingual Environment

There is a big French-speaking community in the whole country, and English is widely spoken.

This bilingualism is an advantage both for you and your children. Having the opportunity to practice two different languages in your daily life is a big cultural and learning benefit.

Especially in the case of your kids, it will be a major bonus for their future studies and professional careers.

Moving to Canada With Children Is a Unique and Enriching Experience for Them

Going abroad means being confronted with different cultures. And not only the Canadian one. You can visit the United States during a family trip, or learn more about indigenous populations known as First Nations or Inuit.

Moving to Canada with kids allows them to open their minds to new realities.

The Formalities to Complete When Moving to Canada With a Family

What Are the Visa Requirements for Moving to Canada?

To move to Canada, you must carefully follow certain formalities, or you will have to return to your home country.

The authorities are particularly strict when it comes to immigration. Canada is a federal state, and obligations in this regard vary from province to province.

For moving to Canada with a family, the electronic travel authorization is not enough. You must obtain a residence permit before leaving.

And it is imperative to get information from the Ministry of Immigration on the administrative obligations to be fulfilled by:

  • The expatriate
  • The spouse
  • The children.

In any case, it is strongly advised not to move to Canada as a family without a prior promise of employment.

The work contract is a precious help in obtaining a residence permit, and finding a job in Canada sometimes takes several months.

Health Insurance to Move to Canada With Family

The question of health coverage is very important when you decide to expatriate to Canada with your family. Only seconded workers are covered by their national Social Security during their expatriation.

The others can benefit from the Canadian health insurance system. But it is generally insufficient to protect all family members for these reasons:

  • Reimbursements are quite low
  • Reimbursements are limited to care received in the public sector
  • It does not cover repatriation or care received outside Canada.

In most cases, you will have to take out a contract with a private international company. Either as a “1st dollar policy” or supplementary insurance. It must cover all family members.

Moving to Canada With Kids Requires You to Think About Their Schooling

The question of schooling is essential when you are moving to Canada with children.

It is important to know that in Canada, education is the responsibility of the provinces and not of the federal government.

Depending on where you live, the conditions will be different. However, each province has an English-language education system and a French-language education system.

Be careful, however: you should choose with anticipation, as places are in high demand.

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