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Reasons to Live in Dubai with Family

Père et fils partis vivre à Dubaï en famille


Moving abroad to live in Dubai with family is a guarantee of a change of scenery in a dynamic and international environment.

But to succeed in this adventure, it is important not to neglect anything.

Why Choose Dubai to Live with Your Family?

Moving to Dubai with family: a comfortable relocation overseas 

Choosing Dubai to move abroad with your family has lots of advantages.

The dynamic local economy offers many job opportunities for expats, usually accompanied by high salaries and benefits such as a living cost aid for:

  • Transfer
  • Housing
  • Education
  • Telecommunication
  • Transportation
  • Etc.

Accommodation conditions are also pleasant: residences or villa complexes, where most of the newcomers live, have quality services such as gyms or swimming pools.

Dubai offers a great quality of life and the best environment for parents and children.

Dubai, a family-friendly destination

The country also has the convenience of its privileged geographical location, which allows you to take advantage of your vacations to visit destinations as varied as:

  • Europe
  • North Africa
  • South East Asia

Opting for Dubai to move abroad also gives the possibility to benefit from the numerous outdoor activities available for children:

  • On land
  • At the sea
  • On the beach
  • In the desert

Dubai also offers many amusement parks specially designed for families.

Is Dubai a good place to live with a family?

You may ask yourself if Dubai is a good place to live with a family, and the answer is definitely yes.

Moving to Dubai with the family also means offering your children the opportunity to progress in an international context, since 82% of the population is made up of foreign nationals.

Children learn to develop their ability to adapt and their curiosity by being exposed to other cultures and by evolving in a multilingual environment from a very early age.

Education for Children in Dubai

The price of excellence

Moving to live in Dubai with family requires anticipation and organization. You have to prepare your children emotionally for this life change, but also plan for the material conditions of their schooling.

In Dubai, the educational infrastructure has a very high standard.

Dubai has international schools for children from the early age up to high school, with courses in different languages depending on the course of study.

However, these schools are exceptionally popular and waiting lists can be long. It is therefore important to start the registration process as early as possible.

Living costs in Dubai with family

The education cost must also be taken into account in the overall budget when you decide to live in Dubai with family, even if the employer can contribute to it:

  • Around 30,000DHs (6,700 euros approx.) for kindergarten and primary school
  • 45,000DHs for middle school
  • 50,000DHs for high school 

The nanny, a valuable help for expat families in Dubai

The nanny is often an integral part of an expat family in Dubai. It is a widespread and indispensable childcare system since classes often end in the early afternoon.

She is usually employed full time, for a monthly salary of around 2,000 DHs, plus the cost of an annual visa and a plane ticket allowing the employee to go on annual leave with her family.

Medical Assistance for Family Members in Dubai

Health care insurance is mandatory for all expats

In Dubai, expats are required to take out health insurance approved by the authorities. This is often covered, at least partially, by the employer.

In order to live in Dubai with family, it is recommended to subscribe to an international health insurance from your home country, for its simplicity and reliability. This way you will benefit from:

  • Health care coverage anywhere in the world, including during stays in your country of origin
  • Management of the procedures and the contract in English
  • English-speaking phone assistance

This insurance must cover parents and children during the entire duration of their stay in Dubai and take care of, at least, common health expenses, hospitalization, and repatriation.

Choosing insurance to live in Dubai with family

Families moving to Dubai can choose between different types of insurance that will best suit their needs.

One option is to purchase “1st dollar insurance”, a solution appreciated for its great flexibility. It is possible, depending on the needs of each family, to choose a more or less complete coverage. The price will depend on the plan chosen and the people who will be protected.

There is no ideal health insurance for a family expatriation in Dubai: each household has specific requirements and budget constraints. The easiest solution to find the most interesting insurance plan is to use an online comparison tool.

Frequently Asked Questions About Life in Dubai as a Family

What are the advantages of Dubai as an expatriate family?

Dubai has one of the best educational infrastructures in the world. In addition, expatriate salaries are generally higher than in France, which makes it possible to afford better living conditions and to take advantage of Dubai’s wide range of activities that suit all family members.

Is it easy to enroll my children in an English school in Dubai?

There are international high schools in Dubai, but the waiting lists for registration can be very long. It is therefore advisable to anticipate these steps.

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