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Los Angeles : destination des Français pour travailler


Los Angeles is one of the cities in the United States that welcomes the most expatriates. In addition to offering many professional opportunities, life in the Californian city is pleasant in many ways.

Discover the advantages of working in Los Angeles and the information you need to know to increase your chances of finding a job there.

Good Reasons to Work in Los Angeles for a Expatriates

Here are some good reasons to work in Los Angeles as an expatriate:

  • Los Angeles is the second largest city in the United States
  • A dynamic job market with many professional opportunities for expatriates in several sectors
  • Higher salaries than most countries, mainly for highly skilled workers
  • Relaxed and friendly work environment
  • Reasonable cost of living compared to some other major American cities
  • Optimal living conditions with many leisure activities all year round
  • Los Angeles is a city that welcomes many expatriates

LA Working Market

With a strong and dynamic economy, Los Angeles is a city full of professional opportunities for expatriates. LA is known for promoting entrepreneurship, creativity, and innovation.

Many multinational companies, innovative start-ups, and financial institutions are located in the City of Angels.

Sector With Most LA Working Market for Expatriates

Restaurants, hairdressing, and fashion sectors are particularly promising for expatriates wishing to work in Los Angeles.

The communication, computer, and new technology sectors are experiencing rapid growth and are sorely lacking in skilled labor. Highly qualified expatriates with several years of experience are in high demand.

The healthcare sector is also looking for skilled workers. The US has been experiencing a shortage of nurses for several years. However, it is necessary to obtain a specific certification as a foreign nurse before being able to practice in Los Angeles.

Tourism, real estate, international trade, and education are other sectors recruiting in Los Angeles.

Expatriates Profiles Sought to Work in Los Angeles

It is necessary to have an atypical profile or to have advanced skills in a sector that is in short supply to find a job in Los Angeles. Fluency in English is another essential prerequisite.

Therefore, most companies in Los Angeles are looking for highly qualified profiles with solid work experience.

In general, only candidates with a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree have a chance of finding a job in LA.

Note that workers with unique skills can also succeed in landing a job in Los Angeles.

Fluency in French and Spanish can also be a real asset for certain positions.

How to Find a Job in Los Angeles as an Expatriate?

Finding a job in Los Angeles for expatriates is difficult, but not impossible. Expatriates face a major obstacle: obtaining a work visa.

Without this work permit, it is strictly forbidden to look for a job if you travel to the United States on a tourist visa. Therefore, it is necessary to find a job before arriving in Los Angeles.

The most common methods to find a job in Los Angeles for expatriates are:

  • Searching for a job on specialized websites
  • Requesting a transfer to your employer

Searching Online for Jobs in Los Angeles for Expatriates

The most common way to find a job is to browse through job postings online.

Specialized sites such as LinkedIn, Indeed, or Careerbuilder are ideal for finding the most relevant job offers according to your skills.

Competition is fierce in most industries, and companies receive many applications. It is particularly important to create an attractive CV and to attach a personalized and convincing cover letter.

In addition, foreign workers must stand out from the locals to convince US employers to sponsor them for a work visa. This process costs employers time and money.

Requesting a Transfer to Your Employer

If you work for a company with a branch office in Los Angeles, you can request a transfer to your employer.

This is a method that greatly facilitates the process of obtaining a work visa.

Only workers employed by the company for at least one year can be transferred to the US.

LA Working Conditions

The working week in Los Angeles is 40 hours a week, although workers are used to working many hours of overtime. In the US, enthusiasm and a willingness to go the extra mile are two of the most important elements in the professional world.

Generally, taking more than two weeks off per year is frowned upon. There are 10 annual holidays in the US, but employers do not systematically pay for these.

California’s sunny climate allows workers to dress casually for work. Relationships between employees are very friendly, regardless of the hierarchy level.

The average annual salary in Los Angeles is $63,000 (€61,900). This salary will allow you to live adequately. However, it is recommended that you have a six-figure salary to live comfortably in LA.

Formalities to Work in Los Angeles for Expatriates

It is imperative to obtain a work visa beforehand to work in Los Angeles.

Work Visas Available in the United States

Here are the main visas for working in Los Angeles:

VisaPersons concerned
LAn employee of an international company transferred to a subsidiary in the USA
H2BForeign worker for a temporary position that an American worker cannot fill
H1BHighly skilled foreign worker (minimum license) in a specific field
H2ATemporary or seasonal agricultural workers

How Do I Get a Visa to Work in Los Angeles?

First, you must find a company in Los Angeles willing to hire you and become your sponsor. You cannot apply for a visa without a validated job offer from the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

Once you have a validated job offer, you must go to the US Embassy and present the following documents:

  • Your passport
  • A recent passport photo
  • The I-797 work authorization starts when DHS validates the job offer
  • Several supporting documents: bank statements, criminal records, etc.

After analyzing your file, you will have a personal interview to verify your eligibility to reside and work in Los Angeles.

Working in Los Angeles is a life project that requires excellent preparation beforehand. It is important to consider many factors to migrate in the best conditions.

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