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The French American School of Miami – Everything you Need to Know

Enfant de l'école franco-américaine de Miami en sortie scolaire


As a parent, you may want to enroll your children in French schools so they can follow the French scholar program.

If you are in Miami, Florida, you will have the opportunity to enroll your children in The French American School of Miami (EFAM). Find out more about the scholar program and fees.

The French American School of Miami: Education that Goes From Kindergarten to Fifth Grade

The French American School of Miami is a private school established in 1995. Its objective is to offer a complete education to students from preschool to fifth grade and to meet their educational needs.

The French American School of Miami offers an Immersion Education

The French American School of Miami offers an immersion education according to the official instructions of the French Ministry of Education.

The school currently has more than 200 students, including about 100 French students. These students are spread over two different campuses:

  • Miami Shores in the North of the city
  • South Miami in the South

The objective of this private school is to meet the educational needs of French and Francophile children living in Miami. The school welcomes students of all nationalities and ethnic backgrounds.

School Programs and Options Offered at The French American School of Miami

When children are enrolled at The French American School of Miami in kindergarten, they are placed in a class that best suits their age.

Generally, at age three, they are placed in a preschool section. At age four, they are placed in a middle section, and at age five, in a large section.

Classes are staffed by bilingual teachers and assistants. Professionals strive to give each child individual attention. Students are encouraged to speak French as much as possible. Beginning at age four, English is taught three to four hours per week.

Throughout the day, children learn phonics, reading, and math concepts. Music, art, gardening, and crafts are also part of the scholar program.

In elementary school (CP to CM2), students can take advantage of complementary educational activities in addition to the classic programs of the Common Base of Knowledge and Skills.

These activities are carried out in small groups. Students take daily advantage of sports, French, science, art, math, and English classes.

Three times a year, school trips are organized. The excursions are closely linked with nature, culture, or art (visiting a zoo, picking fruit or vegetable, discovering a marine biology site, etc.).

School Calendar of The French American School of Miami

The school year generally begins in mid-August and ends in mid-June. Meantime, students enjoy different school vacation periods:

  • One week in October, during the fall break
  • Two weeks in December and January for the winter vacations
  • Two weeks in March for spring break
  • One week in May

The school is also closed on non-working holidays. These may include Veterans’ Day on November 11, Martin Luther King Jr. Day on January 16, or Memorial Day on May 29.

How Much Does It Cost to Enroll in The French American School of Miami?

Families wishing to enroll their child at The French American School of Miami must do so online, directly on the school’s website. Families can complete an application for one or both campuses.

Registration usually takes place in October before starting the school year. If the child comes from a school not approved by the AEFE (Agence pour l’Enseignement Français à l’Etranger), they must take an entrance test.

In America, schools are not free. Here is a table summarizing the different costs of enrolling at The French American School of Miami:

Service Rate
Registration fees$150
Registration for former students$1,600
Registration for new students$2,000
Tuition for early, middle, and high school$12,520 per year without insurance
$12,825 per year with insurance
Tuition for elementary school (CP to CM2)$13,400 per year without insurance
$13,730 per year with insurance
Entrance exam fee (if required)$75

Please note that scholarships can be awarded to the Consulate General of France in Miami upon request.

Different French High Schools in Miami

Once your child has grown up, you must enroll them in a high school. Again, there are a few French high schools in Miami that prepare for the French-American bachelor’s degree:

  • International Studies Charter High School (ISCHS)
  • International School of Broward Charter School (ISB).

The French Ministry of Education accredits these schools. Enrollment is open to all, but space is often limited. It is then the “first come, first served” rule.

Pros and Cons of Enrolling Your Child in an International School in Miami

Expatriation offers undeniable professional and personal opportunities. Children can also benefit from this experience.

International schools often place the student and their personal development at the heart of the teaching. Students learn things, but education is more open-minded and less academic. It helps them gain confidence and grow.

Enrolling your child in an international school in Miami also benefits them from an opening to the world. With instruction in French and English, the facilities prepare students to move quickly in an increasingly globalized world from an early age.

The diplomas obtained are recognized in many universities. It means that later on, students can choose to continue their studies in an American or French school. In the latter case, they will not have to undergo a refresher course. French schools will recognize their diploma.

As you can see, you will have no problem finding French American schools in Miami in which to enroll your children. These schools are relatively numerous and provide quality education.

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