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The Guide for Expatriate Success

Les conditions d’une expatriation réussie : le guide


Planning and negotiating the conditions of your project abroad allows you to limit the inconveniences. And puts you one step closer to expatriate success.

There is no place for improvisation. Anticipation is the keyword here!

Even for destinations with a reputation of being difficult, everything can go well. As long as you take the time to prepare yourself well. Here you can find some tips and read about the major success factors for expatriates.

Some Characteristics of a Successful Expatriate

They Gather Information Beforehand

A good expatriation experience begins with good integration into the country and the company upon arrival.

Even if a period of adaptation is always necessary, it is essential to be well-informed about the country. And about the company in which you will be working for several months or years.

The future expatriate must take the initiative to inform him/herself. Reading, contacting other expatriates, or doing internet research are some ways of doing it.

But the expatriation package can also help with this through a reconnaissance trip or intercultural training.

They Plan For All Aspects of Their Lifes

Some important details for settling in and living on the new spot must also be prepared in advance. It is important to have an idea of the cost of living, but also to worry about housing.

Other crucial details that might be overlooked are the children’s schooling and the spouse’s job when the whole family accompanies the expatriate abroad.

Analyzing the whole family picture is among the most important expatriate success factors.

It is important to check if these points are included in the expatriation package. Or to negotiate, if necessary, assistance in this regard:

  • Enrollment in an international school
  • Training or recruitment firm for the spouse
  • Etc.

Negotiate Your Conditions of Expatriation to Maintain Your Standards of Living

Negotiating Financial and Material Conditions Is Key for Expatriate Success

Another key point is to negotiate as much as possible the conditions of your expatriation. The salary has to be clear before leaving. But you must make sure to get any other benefits you might need.

Your financial situation in the host country should be at least equal to the one in your home country.

This requires an income that takes into account the cost of living in the new place. And the level of responsibilities entrusted to the expatriate, as well as all bonuses and benefits paid during or at the end of the stay abroad:

  • Installation or mobility allowance
  • Financing of housing or certain expenses
  • Company car
  • Etc.

Do Not Neglect the Post-expatriation Period

Moving abroad is also a bet on the future and an opportunity for long-term personal development.

Being open to expanding one’s network of friends and professionals is one of the main characteristics of a successful expatriate.

Depending on the country of destination, it is not always easy to establish ties with the locals. And relationships are sometimes limited to other expatriates, which already offer many prospects.

The issue of returning to your country should not be neglected either. Particularly about the conditions for reintegration into a local company. Otherwise, the expatriate’s experience won’t be as positive.

Health Coverage, One of the Main Expatriate Success Factors

Expatriate’s Rights in Terms of Social Security Coverage

Among the conditions of expatriation that must be known and mastered before departure, there are those related to social protection.

This affects retirement and health insurance rights. Depending on whether you are a seconded worker or an expatriate, these conditions differ.

In the first case, the employee remains affiliated to their country’s Social Security. And continues contributing to it and is covered normally.

In the second case, the expatriate is covered by the local social protection system. Which can be more or less protective and costly depending on the destination. Sometimes, it simply does not exist.

Choosing Health Coverage Before Leaving Is Among the Major Success Factors for Expatriates

Health care is often very expensive abroad. And to avoid considerable expenses, it is best to consider this issue in the expatriation package. Or by taking out private insurance.

You can choose between a 1st euro contract or a package that supplements your Social Security coverage.

They will cover you anywhere in the world during your stay or vacation. And it will allow you to benefit from optimal reimbursements and conditions.

These policies are managed in your language with simplified contracts.

A big part of expatriate success depends on choosing your insurance wisely. The best policy is not the same for everyone and depends on your individual situation.

To make your choice easily, it is recommended that you use an online comparison tool. It will allow you to obtain details of the rates and guarantees covered by different companies.

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