Expat travel insurance comparison: what to choose in 2021?



Choosing the right expat travel insurance requires making a comparison between the different offers available on the market.

You can quickly get lost in the many formulas on offer, and to make the right choice, there are some key elements to take into account.

Key elements of the comparison: expat insurance coverage

Medical coverage

A good expat travel insurance should protect you everywhere in the world, not only in the new destination country.

Coverage for care received during stays in your country of origin is provided in most cases, but must be verified.

Many companies offer their policyholders the benefit of partnerships with good local healthcare networks.

Among the benefits offered, the presence of the hospital third-party payer must always be verified: it is the most expensive item of expenditure in terms of health care and it is better to be sure not to have to advance the sum in case of unforeseen events.

Exclusions from coverage and risks not covered

Possible exclusions or surcharges should also be considered when comparing expat insurance offers.

For instance, French CFE does not require the completion of a health questionnaire at registration. Contrary to other companies, it cannot refuse a membership nor can it modify its contributions or coverage according to the state of health of the insured, which is an advantage in case of pre-existing medical conditions.

Another important point to take into account: repatriation, which is very expensive and can unfortunately concern anyone. Some companies only offer this option for unmarried people under the age of 30.

Depending on the particular situation, an expatriate may also wish to benefit from insurance that will protect him or her beyond medical risks: some offers could include luggage protection, legal assistance or liability insurance.

Extended guarantees and ease of contract management

When choosing the best expat travel insurance, it is also important to compare the means of managing the contract of your future expatriate insurance.

If language is not a problem when you take out a policy with a company from your country of origin, you must make sure that access to your file, procedures or advisors can be easily done from anywhere and at any time via a mobile application or a dedicated online space.

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