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Which are the best places to live with good weather?



Many people who want to improve their quality of life are wondering which are the sunniest places to live in the world. Fortunately for them, there are many options!

Many people who want to improve their quality of life are wondering where they can go to live to enjoy a fantastic climate.

Fortunately for them, the choice is quite vast, as there is no shortage of destinations where the weather is nice and warm most of the year.

Europe, different countries with good weather

The advantages of moving abroad to Europe

To those who want to know where to settle to enjoy the sun, the answer is that there is no need to go to the other side of the world.

Europe offers many sunny destinations, mainly in the south and around the Mediterranean, such as Greece, Malta, Croatia, and even France.

There are several advantages of living in Europe:

  • The change of scenery is real without being too overwhelming for the expat
  • The distance of separation from relatives is reasonable, and the transport offer allows for regular visits.
  • The administrative procedures to work, settle down or get treatment are simplified:
    • No visas
    • European Health Insurance Card
    • Etc.

Spain: probably the best quality of life in Europe

Spain is one of the sunniest places to live in Europe. It has the advantage of having a very good location within Europe, and also of having an accessible language.

Life in Spain is pleasant, but to make the most of the sunshine and a true “sweet lifestyle”, you should choose the Mediterranean rim rather than the cooler and rainier central or northern part of the country.

Portugal, a safe choice for living in the sunshine

Another privileged European destination and one of the best places to live with good weather in Europe: Portugal and its 300 days of sunshine per year.

The country has long been particularly popular with retirees, attracted by the climate and a favourable tax policy that allowed them to pay no tax on their pensions for several years.

Even if this provision is about to disappear, the situation is still very favorable, especially since Lisbon or Porto offer a gentle way of life and a lower cost of living than in other european countries.

Sunniest places to live by changing continent?

Morocco, highly appreciated by expats

If leaving your home country to live outside of Europe may seem complicated, the world offers so many places to live with good weather that it would be a shame to miss it. The Maghreb countries are one of the greatest options, and Morocco especially deserves attention:

  • The sun is present all year round
  • The country is largely French-speaking, which makes it very attractive for the french-speaking community
  • The cost of living and real estate is affordable.
  • The change of scenery is there.

Southeast Asia and its incredible landscapes

Other options when looking for the sunniest places to live are the destinations in Southeast Asia:

  • Thailand
  • Vietnam
  • Cambodia.

Life there is cheap and the locals are welcoming to foreigners, and an expatriation so far away is a chance to enjoy amazing landscapes and to immerse oneself in a very different and interesting culture.

The main difficulty could be learning the local languages, which not everyone is able to master.

Latin America, for a sunny change of scenery

Other faraway places to live with good weather nclude South and Central America, such as Costa Rica or Brazil.

The languages spoken there are the same as in Portugal or Spain, and the sun and dream landscapes are present there.

Moving to these countries is fairly simple, especially for young people who can benefit from the PVT (Working Holiday Visa) program, and combine tourism and work.

Beyond the dream: the responsibilities of moving abroad

Living and working in the sun: the good life and some obligations

When you decide to change your life, finding the best place to live with good weather is not just about finding the postcard setting you want to live in.

Moving to a new country brings with it sime responsibilities and steps not to be neglected as well as some obstacles to overcome.

You must keep a sense of reality and ask yourself the right questions:

  • Local job opportunities
  • Sanitary situation
  • Health infrastructures
  • Local school system
  • Retirement contribution
  • Payment of taxes.

Think about leaving with a good international insurance

Among the most important points to be assessed and organized before departure is the question of social security coverage.

Just because you have found an ideal destination where you can go out in the sun does not mean that you are safe from illness or accident.

It is therefore imperative to find out about and, if necessary, take out international health insurance before departure, for example by using an online comparator to make your choice.

This step is essential to be well protected from the moment you arrive in the new country of destination!

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This is also interesting:

What countries should I move to? The best countries to move to are not the same for everyone! Finding the ideal destination depends first of all on what is expected on a personal level.


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