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The 3 Best Bakeries in Dubai – Taste The True Flavors of France

Homme qui travaille dans une boulangerie à Dubaï


Dubai is a very dynamic city that offers countless activities to do alone, with family or friends.

What better way to enjoy Dubai’s cultural diversity than to taste a golden and crispy baguette worthy of the best bakeries in France?

Check out our selection of the 3 best bakeries in Dubai, as well as some of the city’s most famous cake shops.

Ranking of the Best Bakeries in Dubai

Discover below our top 3 best bakeries in Dubai. Ideal to find the authentic flavors of France.

1. David Croiser Pâtisserie-Boulangerie: The Best Bakery in Dubai

Created in Dubai in 2001 by David Croiser, a French baker who is proud of his origins, this establishment enjoys an excellent reputation among the community in Dubai.

This bakery-pastry shop is a must for lovers of good bread, crispy baguettes, or delicious fresh croissants. The establishment also offers a wide selection of the best cakes in Dubai for those with a sweet tooth.

All the products offered are prepared according to traditional recipes. David Croiser supervises the entire preparation process and ensures that only quality products are used.

The specialty of the bakery is the “Tarte tropézienne.” It is available in vanilla, chocolate, raspberry or strawberry, and nougatine versions.

Address: Al Quoz Street 12 – 27th St – Dubai
Contact: orders@davidcroiser.com / + 971 55 718 8205

2. The French bakery Pascal Tepper

Meilleur Ouvrier de France in 2000 in the bakery category, Pascal Tepper decided to set up in Dubai in 2012. His bakery is located on the famous Sheikh Zayed Road, on the first floor of the Four Points Sheraton.

Pascal Tepper comes from a long line of French bakers. He continues to prepare a wide variety of bread, chocolates, and pastries according to traditional recipes.

More than just a bakery, this establishment is a 24-hour café-restaurant that also offers delicious hot and cold dishes.

If you are looking for a friendly place to have lunch with friends or to buy your fresh bread the French way, Pascal Tepper Bakery is the place to go.

Address: Sheikh Zayed Road – Trade Centre 1 – Dubai
Contact: restaurantreservations.fpdubai@fourpoints.com / + 971 56 414 2213

3. La Française Boulangerie Bakery Dubai

La Française Boulangerie Bakery Dubai is an establishment that offers traditional French bakery and pastry products.

Located in one of the city’s most famous shopping malls, this bakery allows you to enjoy a delicious breakfast in a chic and friendly setting.

From pain au chocolat, croissants, old-fashioned baguettes, fig bread, and raisin bread, you will find all your favorite classics at La Française Boulangerie Bakery Dubai.

Address: The Mall Jumeirah 1st Floor
Contact: + 971 44 585 500

Cake Shops in Dubai to Enjoy Excellent Products

There are also famous cake shops in Dubai where you can enjoy a pastry and a good coffee.

Whatever your taste, you’re sure to find something to your liking in one of the three pastry shops in Dubai listed below.

1. Gérard Café, a Renowned French Patisserie in Dubai

Gérard Café is one of the first French patisseries established in Dubai. The first patisserie-café opened its doors in 1981 in the Al Ghurair shopping mall in Dubai.

Gérard Reymond’s vision was to offer a range of pastries and a style of coffee preparation that was different from what was available in the Dubai market. All the products are fresh and of excellent quality to satisfy the customers.

Today, Gérard Café has 19 outlets throughout the United Arab Emirates.

Address: Magrudy Mall, Jumeirah 1, Dubai
Contact: info@gerardcafe.com / + 971 65 560 425

2. Magnolia Bakery UAE: The Best Cake Shop in Dubai Mall

Magnolia Bakery was established in 1996 in the United States. Specializing in gourmet desserts and cakes, the company is located in the world’s largest shopping mall: The Dubai Mall.

All products are prepared the old-fashioned way, in small batches and with the best ingredients.

Magnolia Bakery’s signature treats are American favorites such as cupcakes, cookies, banana pudding, and chocolate cake.

Address: The Dubai Mall, 2623, Dubai
Contact: youfirst@altayer.com / + 971 43 505 440

Paul’s Bakeries

The original French bakery Paul opened in 1889 near Lille. 125 years later, the family business is present in over 33 countries, including the United Arab Emirates.

You’ll have no trouble finding Paul’s bakery near you, with more than ten stores in Dubai’s major shopping centers.

Paul’s bakeries are known for their quality bread and baguettes, prepared according to traditional French recipes. You can also find pastries, such as apple turnovers, croissants, palmiers, pies, and cakes.

Now you know the best bakeries in Dubai to find your favorite baked goods. If you like to make your desserts, check out our selection of the best Dubai grocery stores that offer quality products at the best prices.

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