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What is The Average Salary in New York City?

New York : connaître le salaire moyen


Many people in search of new professional horizons choose to expatriate to New York. The Big Apple, the economic capital of the United States, offers many highly remunerative career opportunities, mainly for highly qualified profiles.

The average salary in New York City in 2022 is approximately $71,000 per year.

Discover the average salary by profession and the annual budget to live comfortably in New York.

Average Salary in New York by Job

As in most major U.S. cities, salaries in New York City vary greatly depending on the worker’s professional experience and qualifications.

Salaries in the United States, and more specifically in New York, are higher than those in other countries. This difference in salary can be observed in all categories of jobs.

Skilled workers with several years of experience in the fields of IT, finance, or law are in high demand. An expatriate who is fluent in English can earn an excellent salary in one of these fields in New York.

The Average Salary in New York for a Business Lawyer

Business lawyers are legal professionals who specialize in commercial and corporate law. They are in high demand due to a large number of investment banks and multinational corporations located in New York.

The average salary for a corporate lawyer in New York is approximately $180,000 per year. However, some law firms are willing to pay between $180,000 and $210,000 to recruit recent graduates from top universities.

Although these salaries are almost double what a corporate lawyer earns in other countries, the working conditions are different. Indeed, it is common for a lawyer in New York to work more than 90 hours per week at a frantic pace.

The Average Salary in New York for a Garbage Collector

The job of a garbage collector is very popular among New Yorkers. It is, in fact, a job that allows you to earn a very comfortable salary without having to have any particular qualifications.

The average starting salary for a garbage collector in New York City is $40,000 per year. Salary increases are guaranteed every year for the first five years of employment. A garbage collector with five years of service earns an average salary of $70,000 per year.

A New York garbage collector works roughly eight hours daily, five to six days a week.

The Average Salary in New York for a Salesperson

The average salary for sales professionals in New York City varies greatly depending on the type of products they sell and their experience.

A retail salesperson in New York City earns an average salary of $30,000 per year, while a salesperson in a convenience store earns about $26,000 per year.

Motivated and experienced sales representatives earn an average salary of about $62,000 per year in New York.

The Average Salary in New York for a Firefighter

New York City firefighters enjoy comfortable salaries. Here is a table of salaries received based on years of experience:

Number of years of experienceAverage Salary
Starting salary$45,000
After one year$55,000
After two years$60,000
After three years$65,000
After four years$71,000
After five years$110,000
Chief of Brigade$160,000

Table of Average Salaries in New York by Jobs

Find in the table below the average salaries for various occupations in New York in 2022:

JobAverage annual salary
Head Chef$65,000

What is the Minimum Wage in New York State?

The minimum wage in the US varies from state to state. However, the US federal government mandates a minimum wage of $7.25 per hour in all states.

As of January 1, 2022, the District of Columbia had the highest minimum wage in the US: $15.2 per hour worked.

In New York State, the mandated minimum wage is $13.20 per hour. In New York City, Long Island, and Westchester, the minimum wage is increased to $15 per hour.

Average Salary in New York: One of the Most Attractive in the US

Average wages vary considerably among the 52 states that make up the United States.

Several socio-economic factors specific to each state have an impact on the determination of workers’ income:

  • The educational level of the population
  • The state of the economy
  • The cost of living
  • Etc.

Here is a table showing the average salary in New York compared to the average salaries in other major US cities:

CityAverage annual salary
New York City (NY)$71,000
San Francisco (CA)$81,840
Washington (DC)$77,000
Philadelphia (PH)$60,400
Los Angeles (CA)$63,660
Chicago (IL)$60,340
Boston (MA)$73,850
Seattle (WA)$74,330
Phoenix (AZ)$54,870
Pittsburgh (PA)$54,300
Miami (FL)$52,970
Las Vegas (NV)$49,960

What is the Minimum Wage to Live Comfortably in New York?

Although salaries in New York are very attractive, it is important to put them into perspective with the cost of living in New York. New York is, in fact, one of the most expensive cities in the USA.

Here is a table to give you a better idea of the cost of living for a single person in New York:

Expense itemAverage annual budget
One-bedroom apartment in ManhattanBetween $30,000 and $54,000
One-bedroom apartment in BrooklynBetween $28,000 and $42,000
One-bedroom apartment in QueensBetween $22,000 and $38,000
One-bedroom apartment in the BronxBetween $22,000 and $33,000
Subscription for public transport (bus and metro)$1,500
Sport and leisureBetween $2,400 and $8,400

You don’t need a six-figure salary to live a comfortable lifestyle in New York. It is a culturally and economically diverse city that caters to people with a wide range of budgets.

With an annual salary of $50,000, you can live comfortably by prioritizing your spending and what matters most to you.

Working in New York is very attractive for people with qualifications in law, finance, or new technologies. The average salaries offered are more attractive than in other countries and allow for an excellent quality of life.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Average Salary in New York for a Nurse?

The average monthly salary for a nurse in New York City is about $7,000.

What is the Minimum Wage for a Decent Living in New York?

It is necessary to have about $4,200 per month to be able to live adequately in New York.

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