How to choose your insurance for going abroad



When it comes to health coverage, it is essential to spare no effort. Choosing insurance for going abroad requires your full attention.

Here you will find the important questions you should ask yourself and our answers from professionals in the industry.

The right questions before choosing travel insurance for working abroad

What country will you be living in?

The cost of health assistance varies greatly from country to country. If in many African countries it is relatively low, in most developed countries it is usually higher than in your country of origin.

In the United States, for example, health care costs are considerable.

In Latin America, public institutions charge reasonable fees, but unfortunately they offer care that is often of lower quality than in other countries.

It is usually better to go to private facilities, which are much more expensive.

What is your employment situation?

Some companies offer health coverage to their employees. If this is your case, look carefully at the coverage offered.

Please note that a local insurance policy, for example, does not cover repatriation costs or assistance provided elsewhere other than your country of residence: for example, during stays in your home country.

What is your medical situation?

If you suffer from pre-existing conditions, i.e. a serious chronic illness or have undergone major surgery, this may influence your choice of insurance.

Which health insurance choose for going abroad?

International 1st Euro insurance

These are the most common types of travel insurance for working abroad. They are private health insurances that cover health expenses from the first euro spent.

Generally, these insurances are the most interesting in terms of the relationship between covers and price.

In addition, they rely on partnerships with local health networks, allowing policyholders to benefit from preferred rates and even be exempt from prepayments in case of hospitalization.

Mainly, the guarantees and levels of coverage of these insurances are adapted to the actual cost of assistance in the insured’s country of residence.

This makes it possible to benefit from effective health coverage, even in countries where health costs are very high.

Check the insurance for going abroad before departure

Finally, before purchasing an insurance policy, it is highly recommended that you examine in advance if the country where you want to move to require mandatory insurance for going abroad.

In most cases, it is not necessary to take out health insurance if you are travelling on a tourist visa, however, in some cases this is not the case.

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