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Apply for an AXA Expat Insurance



Taking out an AXA expat insurance policy is one of the many solutions available to people who move abroad.

It offers a complete level of coverage that will protect them and their family members during the expatriation.

Know More About AXA International Medical Insurance

AXA: Leader in International Insurance

AXA is a French company that ranks among the world’s largest insurance companies.

Its history dates back to 1810. But it didn’t become a major player in the industry until the 1980s. Now, it has more than 107 million customers worldwide.

Today, AXA offers a wide range of international health coverage for expatriates, students, and travellers.

AXA Expat Insurance: A Serious and Reliable Solution

Choosing AXA expat health insurance means entrusting your medical coverage to an expert. This insurer has proven international expertise.

It’s well known for its reliability, and it has an in-depth understanding of the problems encountered by expatriates.

AXA is also able to mobilize the necessary logistics to respond to emergencies at any time. And it has partnerships with local health networks all over the world.

What Does AXA Expat Health Insurance Cover?

When Should I Get AXA International Health Insurance?

It is possible to subscribe to an AXA expat medical insurance in the following cases:

  • As a 1st euro insurance when you don’t have any protection in your country. Or if you have it, but it is not complete enough
  • In addition to Social Security if you are affiliated. It will grant you extended coverage and better reimbursements.

A Complete Range of Services

AXA’s expatriate insurance covers you and your dependents worldwide. This includes temporary stays in your home country.

It is possible to choose between a wide range of services to include in your policy.

AXA Expat Medical Insurance Includes Assistance and Repatriation

Repatriation services are almost a must for any expat. With AXA, it will cover you and your family members in case of illness or accident requiring treatment abroad.

Find out what is included:

  • Repatriation of the body and return of relatives in the event of death
  • Coverage of the travel and stay expenses of relatives in the event of hospitalization in the country of expatriation
  • Evacuation in case of a health or political crisis.

Health care

AXA international health insurance covers:

  • Routine health expenses
  • Dispatch of prescribed medication that is not available in the country of expatriation
  • Possibility of coverage of psychological care or alternative medicine (acupuncture, osteopathy, etc.)


AXA covers expenses related to hospitalization. It also waives the advance payment of costs.

AXA expat insurance provides access to useful services such as:

  • Remote consultation with a doctor from your home country by telephone or videoconference
  • Delivery of prescriptions in certain countries
  • Medical advice is available 24/7.

It is possible to add additional coverage to your insurance, such as:

  • Assistance in case of loss or theft of documents or personal effects
  • Protection and legal assistance
  • Coverage for leisure sports activities, etc.

AXA also offers you a policy that provides daily allowances in the event of temporary incapacity to work or disability.

Is AXA Expat Insurance Right for Me?

Taking out an AXA expatriate insurance policy is the guarantee of very complete coverage.

However, as with any private insurance, a medical questionnaire is mandatory at the time of enrollment.

And it may result in exclusions or restrictions in case of chronic illness or medical history. As well as an increase in the cost.

It is therefore important to compare the AXA international medical insurance offer with other plans available. Either as Social Security supplements or as 1st dollar/euro insurances.

But, with so many offers available, it can be difficult to make a choice.

The easiest and quickest way to decide is by using an online insurance comparator. It will allow you to compare the rates and services of each. As well as the ceilings and deductibles applied by each insurer.

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