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Our complete guide to understanding the importance of international health insurance

Our ultimate guide to insurance at the 1st euro: how it works, the advantages and the possible choices

Our complete guide to the CFE: how it works, the offers and the alternatives

Hospitalization option :
How does it work?

You can take out insurance that covers hospitalization only: this is the minimum coverage available.

Only a few companies offer it alone, and usually include outpatient cancer treatments such as radiotherapy and chemotherapy in this coverage.

For small budgets, this is the minimum level that will avoid ruining you in case of hospitalization.

Warranties included

*These treatments are covered by some companies and under some formulas, not by all.

Excluded warranties

What are the criteria for choosing hospitalization coverage?

Annual sum insured per person, single room limit

Outpatient hospitalization, home hospitalization, hospitalization for psychiatric care

Coverage for certain long-term illnesses (HIV, Cancer)

Dental reconstructive surgery in case of an accident

Can we help you?

Frequently Asked Questions about Hospitalization in International Health Insurance

For a scheduled operation, you will be able to choose France, your country of residence and all the countries corresponding to your tariff zone. For an emergency, you can be hospitalized anywhere in the world.

The hospital of your choice: there are no restrictions. If direct payment does not work, you will have to pay and then ask for a refund.

The insurance will pay the hospital if the hospital accepts the guarantee of payment letter. Unfortunately, this is not the case for all hospitals.

If you live in a capital city, the largest international institutions will accept direct payment. If you are in a small provincial town it will be more difficult, and you will probably have to go through the reimbursement process.

Some of our partners use the services of companies with a local branch to carry out hospital treatment. In order to avoid surprises, you will have to ask for access to the network of hospitals with which we have agreements before taking out your insurance.

Most contracts have a limit on the number of private rooms, so you will have to pay the difference. If the patient is over 16 years old, the accompanying bed will not be covered.

Telephone calls, parking and other non-medical expenses will also be at your expense.

No, you have a free choice of surgeon.

Important: the fees are covered at 100% as long as the amount is reasonable and in accordance with the surgery.

Cases of abuse are not rare.

In this case, the company tries to negotiate with the doctor, sometimes asking for your help. If the latter refuses, you will have to pay the difference or change doctors if it is a scheduled hospitalization.

Tip: Avoid mentioning that you have international insurance: this avoids many abuses.

Important: The insured person does not chooses whether he or she will be repatriated or not. It is up to the insurance company.

To benefit from a medical repatriation, you must first have subscribed to the assistance/repatriation option.

The contract stipulates that, if necessary, you will be repatriated to the nearest hospital center, adapted to your situation, unfortunately not in France.

Repatriation to France is generally offered by travel insurance companies whose objective in case of a problem is to consolidate you abroad before bringing you back to France. These products are intended for travelers, not expatriates (very low sum insured, temporary product, etc.).

Caution: Never have surgery without informing the insurance company, otherwise it will retain a percentage of your reimbursement!

Health insurance, simplified

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