Hospitalization option: how does it work?

You may take out an insurance policy which will only cover you in case of hospital stays of over 24 hours. This is the minimum coverage to which we can add routine care (medical visits, medicine, tests…) as well as dental and optical care.

If you are part of CFE with a complement only covering hospitalization, routine care will be reimbursed based on French fees. Should you be hospitalized for over 24 hours, the complement will provide your coverage.

With this option, routine costs and hospitalizations of under 25 hours will not be covered (except in cases of cancer of HIV). However, it is the cheapest option available!

For smaller budgets, this minimum level will save you from bankruptcy should you be hospitalized.

For an operation scheduled ahead of time, you may choose your home country, your country of residence, and all the countries include in your specific coverage area.
You may go to the hospital of your choice. There are no restrictions. If direct payment is not available, you will have to claim your costs for reimbursement.
The insurance company will pay the hospital directly if the latter accepts the company’s letter of financial responsibility. This is sadly not the case at all hospitals.

If you live in a capital city, the largest international hospitals will accept direct payment. In smaller towns, this will be more difficult and you will likely have to seek reimbursement.

Some of our partners use the services of companies with local offices to accept financial responsibility. In order to avoid any unpleasant
surprises, you should ask for the list of hospitals included before taking out our insurance.

Most insurance policies have caps on private room fees, meaning any difference must then be paid. If the patient is over 16 years old, an extra bed for a relative will not be covered.

Telephone calls, parking and other non-medical fees will also be at your expense.

No, you may choose your attending doctor freely.

Important : Doctor and surgeon fees are fully covered, on the condition that the total is reasonable and is appropriate for the treatment carried out.

Cases of excessive fees are frequent, in which case the company will try to negotiate with the doctor, sometimes by asking your help. If the doctor refuses to negotiate, you will have to pay the difference or change your doctor ahead of time in case of a planned hospitalization.

Advice : Avoid mentioning you have an international insurance plan, this will help to avoid any fraud.

Important : The client does not choose whether they will be repatriated or not. The insurance company makes this decision.
In order to be able to be covered for repatriation, you must first have taken out the repatriation insurance option.
However, the contract stipulates that, should repatriation be needed, it will take place toward the nearest medical center, adapted to your particular situation. It is highly unlikely this would be done to your home country .

Repatriation to Europe is only offered by travel insurance companies, but in case of emergency, these seek to stabilize the patient in the country before taking them home. However, these products are focused on travelers, not expats. They offer a very low insurance ceiling and only provide temporary coverage.

Warning! Do not undergo surgery without advising the insurance company beforehand, or it will withhold a percentage on the reimbursement.

Non-covered post-hospitalization fees:

  • Medical hospitalization, sanatorium or preventorium fees if the institutions are not certified by the relevant public authority.
  • Additional charges (outside those listed on the covered fees list)
  • Extravagant, unreasonable or unusual fees, based on the country in which they were incurred.
  • Transport fees, other than by ambulance to the nearest healthcare institution.
  • Stays in geriatrics, pedagogical care or similar institutions.
  • Care centers and homes for dependent elderly patients and long-stay hospitalizations.

What are the selection criteria for hospitalization cover guarantees?

  • Cap for private room

  • Outpatient care

  • Home care

  • Treatment of certain long-term illnesses included (HIV, Cancer)

  • Reconstructive dental surgery in case of accident

  • Psychiatric hospital

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