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List of The Best Dubai Hospitals – Find Addresses and Prices

Homme qui travaille à l'hôpital de Dubaï


Dubai is known for its world-class healthcare services. The city has a large number of hospitals that offer quality care to patients.

Finding a hospital in Dubai is very easy as there are many healthcare facilities occupying the city.

We list the top Dubai hospitals in this article. We will guide you to the establishment that will allow you to be treated by the most experienced doctors.

Finding a Dubai Hospital – Public and Private Facilities

The Dubai Health Authority (DHA) manages both the public and private health networks in Dubai. You can visit their websites if you are looking for hospitals in Dubai. This will give you more information about the services and rates offered by the different facilities.

Best Dubai Hospitals

Here is a summary list of the best hospitals in Dubai, public and private. Most of them are open 24 hours a day and offer emergency, inpatient, and outpatient services:

HospitalsTypeAddressOpening hours
Dubai HospitalPublicAl Khaleeja Street24 h
Latifa HospitalPublicOud Metha Road 24 h
Rashid HospitalPublic315 Umm Hurair Second24 h
Hatta HospitalPublicHill Park24 h
Mediclinic City HospitalPrivateBuilding 37 – 26th St24 h
American Hospital DubaiPrivateOud Metha Road24 h
Dubai London ClinicPrivateJumeirah St24 h
Dubai HealthCare CityPrivateAl Razi BuildingAccording to the institutions

Quality of Dubai Hospitals

Whether you go through the public or private healthcare system in Dubai, you can be assured that all your medical needs will be taken care of efficiently. Dubai has one of the best healthcare systems in the world. The facilities are very modern and meet international standards of healthcare.

Hospitals provide excellent medical care. In addition, medical professionals come from all over the world, and English is spoken fluently by the staff.

Prices Offered by Dubai Hospitals

Healthcare costs vary from one hospital to another. Discover the average prices offered by hospitals in Dubai:

  • Overnight stay in a single private room: AED 800
  • Overnight stay in a private double room: AED 1,500
  • Overnight stay in a three-bedroom residential suite: AED 2,500
  • Knee replacement surgery in a private hospital: AED 90,000
  • Standard delivery (excluding hospital stay): AED 5,000
  • Cesarean delivery (excluding hospital stay): AED 8,000

What is the Procedure for Admission to a Dubai Hospital

Admissions to a Dubai hospital are made the same way in the US. However, you will need your health card to access public hospitals in Dubai.

You can apply for this card:

  • Upon arrival in the UAE,
  • Online with the DHA,
  • Visiting one of the primary healthcare centers.

To obtain your health card, you will need to provide the following:

  • Two identity passport-size photos,
  • Proof of employment,
  • A copy of your valid passport,
  • Your UAE identity card. You will get this once you have obtained your resident visa

You will also have to pay AED 320 if you are 18 or older. The health card fee is AED 120 if you are under 10 years old.

Now you know how to find Dubai hospitals and procedures for admission! You should know that there are also many children’s hospitals in Dubai and health centers specifically for children with learning difficulties, special needs, or disabilities.

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