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Top 8 Dubai Grocery Stores – Price Comparison Table Inside

Supermarché à Dubaï : Sp


There are different establishments in which to shop in Dubai. You will be able to buy everything for your daily needs (food, hygiene, household appliances, etc.).

Here are the top 8 Dubai grocery stores.

Top 8 Dubai Grocery Stores: Where to Shop?

Dubai has dozens of different grocery stores. Discover the eight favorite brands of the French to stock up.

1. Carrefour

In Dubai, you can find Carrefour stores quite frequently. The structure attracts a lot of French people who find their brands there. Nevertheless, the offer remains adapted to the local clientele.

Carrefour is known for its products’ quality and affordable pricing policy. The brand also often runs interesting promotions.

Carrefour Hypermarket (supermarkets) and Carrefour Market (mini-markets) can be found in different areas of the city (Nad Al Sheba, Al Quoz, etc.).

2. Union Coop Supermarket Dubai

Union Coop Supermarket Dubai has been present in the city for over 25 years. The brand is appreciated by both Dubai residents and expatriates. The offer is both varied and affordable.

You can find fruits, vegetables, furniture, stationery, an organic section, and very good Italian food. The products offered are often of high quality and are also very fresh.

Many Union Coop Supermarkets in Dubai are located in several areas of the city (Al Quoz, Garhoud, Al Majaz, etc.).

3. Spinneys

Spinneys is a high-end structure, and the goods are generally more expensive than at Carrefour or Unions Coop Supermarket, for example.

Nevertheless, if you want to buy pork or Anglo-Saxon products, Spinneys does carry them.

Spinneys is located in various city residential areas (Jebel Ali Village, Al Barsha, Jumeirah Beach, etc.).

4. Choithrams Dubai

In Choithrams, prices are also higher than in Carrefour or Union Coop but are still relatively cheaper than in Spinneys.

This store sells fruits, vegetables, and meat. You can also find organic food and a bakery department. Baby products and hygiene products are also sold here.

The company also offers an ordering service on its website with home delivery.

Again, Choitrams can be found in several areas of the city: Academic City, Al Quoz, Jumeirah, etc.

5. Lulu Hypermarket

Lulu Hypermarket is an Emirati hypermarket chain. It offers a wide range of products from Oman, Lebanon, Iran, and even India. You can also find some goods imported from Europe.

The prices are very affordable, and the structure regularly proposes promotional offers.

Lulu Hypermarket, however, is known for its impressive fruit and vegetable section, with its salads and fresh fruit juices. Fish lovers can also find something to their liking.

The largest Lulu Hypermarket stores are located in Al Karama, Al Barsha, and the Arabian Center in AI Mizhar.

6. Westzone Fresh Supermarket

West Zone, located throughout Dubai, offers its customers a wide range of local and imported products at very competitive prices. You can find everything in this store:

  • Hot food
  • Hygiene products
  • Meat products
  • Household items
  • Electronics
  • etc.

The company also sells pork and products manufactured under its own brand.

7. Baquer Mohebi

Baquer Mohebi is a supermarket in Al Mankhool, Bur Dubai, Al Qiyadah and Deira.

The store offers a wide variety of fresh products at reasonable prices. You can buy both food and non-food consumer goods.

Baqer Mohebi is also known for making chocolate and sweet treats.

8. Waitrose

Waitrose is a store quite similar to Spinneys. The store welcomes many expatriates who want to buy fruits, vegetables, organic meat, and cheese.

The store offers a variety of British goods and a very complete range of frozen foods.

Waitrose is present in Dubai Mall, Dubai Marina Mall, Motor City, and Jumeirah.

Dubai Grocery Stores With Organic Food

If you want to eat organic food, you will have no trouble finding grocery stores that sell it. Dubai has many stores that sell organic food.

For example, there are:

Note, moreover, that some traditional supermarkets also have organic departments. This is notably the case at Spinneys, Waitrose, ParknShop, or Carrefour.

Finally, you can go to farms, such as Emirates Farms or Greenheart Organic Farms, for fruits and vegetables. These farms offer organic and fresh products.

Dubai Grocery Stores: What Prices to Expect?

Not all Dubai grocery stores offer the same prices. Here is a price comparison of several products in different stores.

ProductsLulu HypermarketChoitramsSpinneysCarrefour
Coca-Cola Light (500 ml)3.50 AED3.25 AED3.95 AED3.25 AED
Basmati rice (5 kg)34.90 AED39.95 AED62.25 AED76.80 AED
Macaroni (400 gr)8.90 AED6.95 AED6.50 AED4.80 AED
Coconut oil29.95 AED (2×2 liters)22.25 AED (950 ml)27.75 AED (975 ml)21.70 AED (1 liter)
Flour15.75 AED (5 kg)8.95 AED (2 kg)24.50 AED (5 kg)4.95 AED (1 kilo)
Kiwi 90 AED (3,5 kg)18.95 AED (1 kg)4.25 AED (piece)12.80 AED (1 kg)
Milk10.90 AED (2 liters)12.25 AED (2 liters)19.25 AED (1 liter)12.10 AED (2 liters)

You will have no trouble shopping in Dubai no matter what your dietary habits are, vegan, vegetarian, organic, or conventional.

The city offers a wide choice of supermarkets, and the range of products sold is vast.

On the other hand, remember to establish your shopping budget carefully, as the cost of living in Dubai remains more substantial than in other countries.

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