Assur Travel

Since February 2004, Assur Travel is a company dedicated exclusively to travel and expatriation insurance.

The strong points

More than 1,000 corporate customers, SMEs, SMIs, international groups based around the world.

12,000 expatriates of all nationalities insured in health, providence and assistance.

Long-term solutions from

> 1 an

4 levels of coverage

4 guarantees

The options

Expat Assurance opinion

It is a small player on the international market with a nice offer, reactive and quite agile.

We do not advise people over 50 years old who wish to stay abroad for many years to take out these solutions, which are not for life, as premiums increase considerably after the age of 60.

If you live in a provincial city, you will have to verify the hospital network before subscribing.

Health insurance, simplified



Expat Assurance no opera en México y el sitio no es accesible para los usuarios mexicanos.

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