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Assur travel

  • Meunier-Gérard Holding (2016 turnover: 4.06 million euros)

  • Reinsurer: Swiss Life, Generali.

  • 12 years in international attention.

Strong points

  • Fairly large offering.

  • No annual expenditure ceiling.

  • Least expensive solutions on the market.

  • Possibility of applying a deductible to lower the premium.

  • No ceiling for routine care expenditures.

  • Effective hospital management.

Good to know

  • Weak hospital network outside capital cities.

  • Strong increase in premiums after age 60, we consider that these solutions are not viable after that age.

  • Request for prior agreement for care costing more than 300 euros.

Long-term solutions:> 1 year

No annual ceiling on health expenditure

Age limit for subscription: 65 years

Non-Lifetime Solutions

3 Offers:

  • Premium: Security Offer

  • Comfort: Comfortable offer

  • Summum: High-end offer

2 levels of coverage:

  • Hospitalization

  • Hospitalization + routine care + maternity + vision / dental.

Additional Options

  • Repatriation assistance
  • Civil liability and legal assistance

  • Loss of capital and loss of autonomy

  • Work stoppage compensation

2 annual franchise choices

From 250 to 5000 euros


Custom Solutions

Your health insurance options