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Expat Assurance is very proud to present Allianz as its latest insurance partner. We are now offering Allianz’s broad health insurance solutions to our clients across the Americas, with exciting feedback having already been seen.

  • Allianz Is the number one insurance company in the world with total turnover of 122 billion euros (2016).

  • Its global network of partners helps it achieve and maintain this status, counting on 16,000 employees in 35 countries working in 58 languages.

  • Every year, Allianz treats 39 million medical claims worldwide.

Strong points

  • Insurance options can be taken out until 75 years old

  • No ceiling on claims for routine care, including common instances, such as drugs, medical tests, x-rays, physiotherapy, etc.

  • Oncological and dialysis treatments included in hospitalization insurance option

  • Allianz’s experience makes for efficient handling of hospitalization process.

  • Contribution costs can be reduced by diminishing reimbursements for routine care from 100 percent to 80-90 percent. Allianz is the only insurance firm to offer this option.

  • Minimal coverage available, allow for hospitalization of under 24 hours, although routine care is not covered.

  • Maternity option included in hospitalization coverage.

  • Allianz’s official app is available to handle reimbursements efficiently and easily, without the need for extra paperwork.

Long-term solutions:> 1 year

Annual ceiling for claims of 1.5 million to 3 million euros, depending on level of coverage

Age limit for subscription: 75 years

DLifelong options available, meaning Allianz will not disqualify you once you reach a certain age.

2 offers :

  • Premium: No ceiling on routine care or even on medical visits, tests, etc … (except physiotherapy).

    VIP coverage level with an insured sum of 3 million Euros.

  • Comfort: 25,000 euros of expenses per year, concerning routine care.

    Insured sum of 1.5 Million euros.

3 levels of coverage

  • Hospitalization

  • Hospitalization + Routine Care

  • Hospitalization + Routine Care + Dental (vision not included)

    Please note: It is possible to add dental care to the hospitalization option. Allianz is the only insurance to allow this addition without routine care being included.

Allianz Specifics

  • Repatriation assistance available, at Allianz’s approval.

3 reimbursement options

(100/90/80 percent)


custom solutions.

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