Our criteria for choosing our partners

We are not looking for just another logo on our site but a partner we pick as worth our time.

We avoid partners whose solutions merely seek to be crowd-pleasing or favor one sector over others.

We take a close look at the quality of management processes and availability of their teams.

Proven efficiency, on matters such as third -party payment.

No recently created companies (under 10 years) or partners who regularly change reinsurers; financial strength.

An optimized value for money in a crowded sector.

Why represent only 3 insurance companies?

  • Very few of them meet our quality criteria.

  • We cannot control the operative processes of a dozen companies. Our technical knowledge is one of the keys to our success.
  • Our volume of business with each insurance company gives us bargaining strength to defend the interests of our policyholders. It would not be a good strategic decision to spread ourselves across many companies at the risk of becoming insignificant to them.

  • With three companies, we already offer some sixty solutions that we master perfectly.

  • Many offers are redundant, it would be useless to propose dozens of similar policies. We do not wish to complicate the choice, causing us to lose clarity and efficiency.