Vision and dental options, how do they work?

All your dental care can be covered. Some policies include orthodontics for children under 16 as well as laser surgery for myopia and astigmatism for vision.

Wait times between 3 and 9 months can happen, depending on the type of care and the companies involved.

There are ceilings for these two options, which range from € 350 to € 2500 per year per person. Our consultants will help you make the most of these.

Dental reconstruction surgery, in the event of an accident, will be considered under the dental ceiling or as surgery (without a ceiling), depending on the companies.

In general, this is only the case with the broadest options on an insurance policy and the surgery is under a specific maximum limit.

Important: Cataract surgery is covered under the hospitalization guarantees. It is not necessary to take out the vision option for this surgery.

It depends on the insurance. Some include it in the hospital warranty, so no ceiling. Others include it in the dental option with a maximum of 2500 euros which is derisory compared to the cost of such a surgery which can go up to 20 000 euros.

You will have annual spending ceilings for both dental and vision.

Ceiling per tooth: Be careful, this is usually the ceiling that is most easily exceeded. It is therefore very important.

If you have young children, orthodontic coverage is important as treatments are often long and expensive.

Please also pay attention to exclusions such as gum disease, endodontics, as well as certain implants.

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