Routine care options: how do they work?

Unlike North American insurance or local insurance in the Americas, routine care will be reimbursed to you without a diagnosed or diagnosed illness, or due to hospitalization.

You can only take out the routine care coverage if you also have the hospitalization guarantee. Most companies offer this as basic coverage: hospitalization + routine care.

What procedures are systematically included in this coverage?

  • Ambulatory hospitalization without surgery (examinations and care)
  • General and specialist consultations

  • Tests, X-rays, MRI

  • Physiotherapy

  • Medicines

Sometimes included:

  • Psychiatry Consultations

  • Alternative medicine (osteopathy, homeopathy, chiropractors, acupuncture, phytotherapy and dieticians)

  • Preventive Medicine (Screening for breast, cervical, oral cavity, skin, prostate and colorectal cancer)

  • Screening: Hepatitis B, Hearing Disorders, Neonatal Screening, HIV Testing

  • Bone densitometry

  • Checkup

What acts are excluded from this coverage?

  • Parapharmacy

  • Psychotherapy consultations and treatment

  • Medication prescribed by psychiatrists

  • Treatments for mental, sleep, personality Disorders

  • Treatments requiring prior agreement carried out without such an agreement (physiotherapists, long-term treatments ..)

  • Contraceptive treatments and medications

  • Alcohol and drug addiction treatment

What are the selection criteria?

  • Technology: Does the company have an app to send refunds and avoid mail?

  • Ceiling on current annual care expenditures (some companies impose other no)

  • Ceiling on medical visits (to be considered according to costs in the country of residence)

  • Ceiling on X-rays (consider the cost of a magnetic resonance)

  • Inclusion of psychiatric consultations

  • Alternative Medicine, Preventive Medicine

For families with small children, this guarantee block may seem superfluous if you are in good health and hardly ever see a doctor.

If you have to go to the doctor, you can go to inexpensive health centers or even pharmacies that offer low-cost medical visits.

Warning :
The hospitalization guarantee alone will not cover you for the consequences of surgery (X-rays, MRI, physiotherapist sessions, medications, analyzes).

Some long-term illnesses are extremely expensive in routine care: Cancer, HIV, Diabetes, kidney failure, Hepatitis C, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis …

Routine care will usually see you reimbursed and costs will not be directly paid by the insurance to the provider.

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