Risk insurance option :
How does it work?

An international risk insurance offers you additional guarantees.

Concretely, it concerns the risks related to death, disability, invalidity, and dependence, interrupting or totally suspending the professional activity, and de facto the income of the insured.

Without being obligatory, the subscription of such a contract is strongly recommended when starting a family in order to better manage the hazards of daily life.


Coverage included

Coverage offered in the risk insurance option

Can we help you?

The general conditions state that you will be repatriated to the nearest facility that can treat you properly.

If you live in Latin America there is little chance that you will be repatriated to France!

No, the civil liability acts only in the private sphere.

No, the civil liability coverage covers the financial consequences of damages for which you would be held responsible during private life only.

The purpose of this guarantee is to provide a daily indemnity in the event of temporary total incapacity to work or an annual pension in the event of permanent disability resulting from illness or accident.

In other words, when your physical or mental condition no longer allows you to carry out your professional activity.

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