Expat Assurance -the safe and easy choice of insurance for expatriates.

Since 2012, 2 000+ expatriates trust us with their health insurance of their health insurance during their adventure.

Here is the reason


No more deductibles or coinsurance. We have selected the BEST EXPATRIATE INSURANCE ON THE MARKET. In case of hospitalization, you will be covered at 100% in the best private hospitals in Latin America and worldwide.


We don’t just sell you a contract, we take care of it on a daily basis. Whenever you need, one of our agents (available within 24 hours) will assist you with the insurance company. This is much easier, as we guide you locally better than the company would!


Our service is completely free for you. The price of the contract with us is the same as with the company, plus service. The insurance company pays us, and you enjoy the great service: more than 20 000 customers happy!


We also help you with all the steps before signing the contract. We look together at your destination country, help you choose the best value for money for your needs, and sign directly with the company for you.
In fact, you can even make an appointment directly with us online or view our offers directly online.

How does it work?

Are you ready?

Fill in the form to have access to our offers.

And don’t hesitate to make an appointment online with one of our experts.

Can we help you?

That’s why we’re here! By signing with us, you will never hear of an insurance company: we take care of your contract for you. We sign the contract with them, and if you need help. Our knowledge of international insurance allows us to enforce all your guarantees in due time!
That’s why we also help you before signing the contract. Depending on the country you are going to, we offer you coverage that is adapted to your needs, your budget and your living conditions.

And since we are specialists, we are here to think about what you are forgetting: maternity coverage, orthodontics, CFE, etc.
You do what you want! But wait … We’re free ! Yes, you’ve read well: the companies pay us. So you have the same offer, for the same price … with our great management service on top of that !
We have no doubts about it: health is already complicated at home, so abroad… The advantage is that we know: in addition to being there to guide you in the choice of your offer, we are at your side every day if you need us. In addition, you have our blog at your disposal, with a large database of international health information.
It will go very well, we l’assure you! If you need to use your insurance (and we hope that it would be nothing serious!), you contact us directly. We get in touch with the company to make your guarantees work, and you are reimbursed on time ! And If anything ever goes wrong, we solve the problem directly with them, on your behalf!

Health insurance, simplified

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