Expat Assurance -Choosing your health insurance has never been easier

For more than 15 years, Expat Assurance has provided you with the highest level of service.

More than 3200 families all over the world trust us.

Here are the reasons


No more deductibles or coinsurance. We have selected the BEST INTERNATIONAL INSURANCE ON THE MARKET. In case of hospitalization, you will be covered at 100% in the best private hospitals worldwide.


We don’t just sell you a policy, we support you at every step of your journey. . Whenever you need, one of our agents (available within 24 hours) will assist you with the insurance company. This is much easier, as we guide you locally better than the company would !


Our services are free, you pay no commission! Indeed, the premium you should pay when you buy a policy through us will never be higher than going directly to the insurer. The insurance company pays us, and you enjoy the great service: more than 20 000 customers happy!


We will assist you during all the subscription process.Our team of experts will tailor an individual plan that is suited to your healthcare needs and budget. 

You can book an appointment with one of our representatives or you can directly compare and choose your plan on our comparative tool.



How does it work?

Are you ready?

Fill out the form to have access to our plans.

And don’t hesitate to make an appointment online with one of our experts.

Can we help you?

Expat assurance is not just an average insurance brokerage, we also support you during all your healthcare journey.

When you buy your insurance through Expat assurance, we will become your chosen intermediary: when you need something just contact us. Our multilingual Customer Care team is available for you and will aim to answer to all your questions and help you managing your policy. 

Don’t worry we will help you selecting the most suitable insurance policy by explaining the benefits and limitations of each plan, allowing you to make the best decision for your specific circumstances.

And since we are specialists, we are here to think about what you are forgetting: maternity coverage, orthodontics, CFE, etc.

You do what you want! But wait …

Remember our advice and services are free of charge!The premium you should pay when you purchase a policy through us will never be higher than going directly to the insurer. 

Yes, you’ve read well: the companies pay us. So you have the same benefits, for the same price … with our great customer service 🙂

We have no doubts about it: health is already complicated at home, so abroad…

The advantage is that we know: in addition to being there to guide you in the choice of your offer, we are at your side every day if you need us.

Don’t hesitate to visit our blog, you will find a lot of information regarding health insurance and expatriation.

It will go very well, we ll’ assure you!

If you need to use your insurance (and we hope that it would be nothing serious!), you can contact us directly.

We get in touch with the company and make sure that you are receiving the high quality healthcare where and when you need it.

And if anything ever goes wrong, we solve the problem directly with the insurer, on your behalf!

Health insurance, simplified

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