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Top 6 Pet-Friendly Hotels in Dubai – Facilities Adapted to Dogs

Labrador dans un hôtel pour chien à Dubaï


When traveling, bringing your pet with you is not always possible. The good news is that if you live in Dubai, several options are available to you regarding the care of your beloved companion.

For example, you can book a stay in a hotel or rely on dog boarding facilities to keep your pet occupied. This way, you can be sure that your pet will be in good hands and will not suffer from your absence.

Check out the list of pet-friendly hotels in Dubai without further ado.

Top 6 Pet-Friendly Hotels in Dubai

Dubai has dozens of pet-friendly hotels. These establishments are often luxurious and comprehensive and have everything you need to ensure your pet has a pleasant stay.

Find out which six pet-friendly hotels in Dubai are family favorites.

1. Petsville

Petsville offers a very comprehensive solution for dog care and accommodation. Your pet can enjoy daycare, luxury boarding, or grooming.

The professional and qualified staff will always do whatever is necessary to ensure that your dog enjoys his stay.

You can choose from various boarding facilities, including houses, single and double-occupancy rooms, and dormitories.

All spaces are temperature controlled. All facilities meet the highest hygiene standards, offering your pet maximum comfort.

For a night’s stay, count AED 125 in the low season and AED 145 in the high season (December and January, June to August).

Address: 29b street 18-30 Al Quoz Industrial Area 3, Dubai
Phone: +971 4 225 2742 / +971 56 310 5510

2. Fetch Dubai

Fetch Dubai is considered one of the best pet-friendly hotels in Dubai. It offers dog and cat pet sitting, grooming, and boarding services.

There are various boarding options available. Whichever one you choose, your pets are comfortable and can enjoy different activities such as

  • Movie sessions
  • Walks
  • Treadmill sessions
  • A night cuddle
  • Etc

The rates for the night vary between AED 130 and AED 400 depending on the packages chosen and the time of the year.

Address: 4 b Street, Al Quoz, Dubai
Phone: +971 (0) 50 707 6196

3. Urban Tails Pet Resort

Urban Tails Pet Resort is a popular dog-friendly hotel in Dubai. The resort has a professional team and qualified trainers who provide the most enjoyable stay for dogs.

With regular wellness checks, personalized care, and attention, the pet gets a tailor-made stay during your absence.

You can book junior, deluxe, urban, or royal suites at Urban Tails Pet Resort from AED 140 per night. Your dog will enjoy a comfortable room and various activities (pool, playground, etc.) for this price.

You also get access to a webcam to monitor your four-legged friend.

Address: Dubai Investment Park 2
Phone: +971 4 884 8847

4. My Second Home

My Second Home is a popular pet-friendly hotel in Dubai. It offers luxurious accommodations, grooming services, training classes, and large play areas.

The rooms are spacious, and the temperature is controlled, so your dog feels perfectly comfortable.

The price of a night is between AED 150 and AED 500. This price depends on the packages chosen.

Address: Plot No 597-631, Dubai Investment Park-2 or 369-132 Street 31, Alquoz Industrial Area 4
Telephone: 971 04 881 8002

5. Pet Station Group

Pet Station Group is Dubai’s best-known grooming service. It also offers boarding services and acts as a pet hotel.

The center has qualified professionals and veterinarians who can maximize your pet’s well-being.

The facility is equipped with air-conditioning and surveillance cameras so your dog can enjoy a pleasant stay.

The rates for one night vary between AED 72 and AED 250 depending on the packages chosen and the period of the year (high or low season).

Address: 19 A St – Al Quoz – Al Quoz Industrial Area 3 – Dubai
Telephone: 00971-4-321-4430

6. Petzania

Petzania offers daycare, training, and pet stays.

The complex has all the necessary facilities to make your dog’s stay as comfortable as possible. You could even opt for the birthday package to celebrate your dog’s birthday in the best way.

Rates for a night at Petzania vary from AED 80 to AED 150, depending on your chosen package.

Address: Shop 4, Al Amal Street DAMAC Executive Bay
Telephone: +971 58 828 3227

Compare the Prices of Pet-Friendly Hotels in Dubai

All of the above-mentioned establishments also offer daycare for your pet. This way, you can entrust your dog to a team of qualified professionals.

Your dog can then socialize with other animals of similar size, rest, or play both indoors and outdoors.

Here is a summary table of the different services offered and the rates applied by the different structures mentioned:

CompanyServicesPrice per day
PetsvilleSwimming pool, adapted games in indoor and outdoor areas95 AED
Fetch DubaiSwimming pool, adapted games in indoor and outdoor spaces, cinema100 AED
Urban Tails Pet ResortSwimming pool, adapted games in indoor and outdoor areas, webcam140 AED
My Second HomeSwimming pool, adapted games in indoor and outdoor areas, webcam110 AED
Pet Station GroupAdapted games in indoor and outdoor spaces89 AED
PetzaniaAdapted games in indoor and outdoor spaces110 AED

Solutions Regarding the Care of Your Pet in Dubai

Regarding the care of your pet in Dubai, you can opt for :

  • Pet Hotels if you are away for several days
  • Services for daycare if you stay in Dubai

However, note that professionals or individuals also offer home daycare services. In this case, the person comes directly to your home to watch and play with your pet.

Whether you will be away for one or several days, you now have several solutions regarding caring for your pet in Dubai!

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